15 People Who Belong in the Hall of Fame of Boozy Shame

I’m not here to advocate for drinking to excess or drinking until one black’s out or otherwise makes terrible decisions that could impact them (and others). I’m simply here to share the hilarious fallout from the bad decisions that have already been made (and hopefully recovered from).

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy giggling over, here are 15 drunk people who should be ashamed of themselves…but they’re probably not.

15. Now that is some deep shizz!

Howl at the moon!

14. That seems like a great idea.

Honestly, it does. Goats are amazing.

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13. You could argue about this all night.

But you may as well just go ahead and agree.

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12. This doesn’t even SEEM like it’s going to work.

I’m just saying.

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11. I was all set to be scandalized.

But I already processed this trauma during my childhood.

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10. Well it’s yours now.

I’m sure the two of you will be very angry together.

9. This is pure evil.

We need those ratings to be good!

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8. You gotta love yourself first.

KitKats are the best.

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7. There’s no way she bought that.

Uber drivers have seen too much.

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6. Bless.

These are some very good and polite friends.

Omg so drunk… from Badfaketexts

5. I have no idea what’s happening here.

Neither does either person in this text conversation.

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4. Who knew drunk people could think so far ahead?

This is pretty impressive.

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3. We are all Taylor’s cousin.

I doubt that she minds.

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2. God bless her friends who were there to capture it.

And her, for having the self-confidence to post it.

1. This is actually amazing.

I am off to find out whether or not there is video.

Ah, to be young and free again, right?

What’s your favorite drunken story about you or a friend? Regale us in the comments!