14 People Who Got Together With Someone After A Strange First Meeting

In this day and age it can seem as if everyone met in some boring way – either online or by having known each other for a very long time (like, since school). There are still other ways to meet, believe it or not, and personally, I’m a sucker for a good story.

These 14 people recall meeting partners – current or former – in totally odd but somehow endearing ways, and we think there’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy reading about them.

14. This is a romance novel in the making.

My housemate and I drunkenly slept together one night.

We got married last June.

13. Take no prisoners.

Was holding tryouts to join our clan in Starcraft around the year 2000.

She joined our game and it was decided I would 1v1 her while the rest of our clan watched. I kicked her ass and we agreed she could join up with us if she still wanted to. Turned out I couldn’t stand her and tried to avoid her like the plague.

Somehow started talking over AOL instant messenger and ended up learning she was a 4-hour drive away in the state next door. Things fell into place and we ended up in a long-distance relationship at the tender age of 16.

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this last September. Can still kick her ass in video games. =D

12. You’ve gotta shoot your shot.

Went to the hospital with a broken bone. Made Star Wars jokes to the doctor. He called a week later, to ask how I was. I couldn’t remember his name so I had to look it up in my medical records. Found him on Facebook and sent him a message asking him out.

ETA: coming up on 10 years together, married with 2 kids.

11. Guys really have no idea what’s going on.

Work did a mandatory fun evening at a bar. My then gf came in with a good looking woman, walks past the group I’m with, goes to the bar and proceeds to order two shots of tequila and drinks them off her friends breasts.

She then waves me over, some shenanigans happen and in the morning tells me I’m dumped but her friend is single. That lasted about a year. I got traded.

10. A fantastic movie.

My roommate’s girlfriend and her friend stayed at our place for a week during a snow storm. The friend and I stayed up late talking one night, then we were cuddling on the couch watching The Princess Bride the next.

We only dated for a month, but I thought it interesting how near-complete isolation with someone who’s practically a stranger can result in y’all having a relationship days later.

9. What a wholesome tail.

I erased my tinder because I wasn’t into just hook ups and right before I erased it I matched with a cute girl and just said to text me if she wanted because I was going to erase my tinder.

She did but only to be my friend and literally 2 months later we started dating. Now she’s my best friend and girlfriend coming up to 3 years.

8. Not a happy ending.

I had a profile on one of those sites where you had profiles, and you COULD use it for dating, but many people didn’t. I don’t even remember what site it was, but it was so shitty and old you had to link your pictures, couldn’t even upload them.

Checked my e-mail one day and this girl messaged me. Looked at her profile and she was very cute. We talked and it wasn’t for like an hour she told me that I didn’t even have pictures, but had an awesome profile. I forgot I had redone my folders on my website that I linked from, or that I had even joined the site.

Talked for a couple of months, went to an amusement park, I ended up moving near her (I was originally from there) and we started dating. She ended up batshit insane. Good times.

7. She got his sense of humor.

I was at a college party and it sucked, it was right around the time of Jerry Maguire, and I thought it’d be funny to yell ‘This party sucks, I’m going home to drink Vodka and all I want to know is who’s coming with me?!’ then I stormed out, because I didn’t know anyone at the party, or have any reason at all to expect someone to come with me.

Once I was out of the building, on the sidewalk, I noticed a girl following behind me.

We dated for 4 years.

6. And she never left.

I started casually seeing a girl, and the second time we slept together, she woke up to a text that her room area had bed bugs.

I said she could crash at my place until they got rid of them, shouldn’t be more than a week….

Took 2 years

5. She had second thoughts.

My dad had a heart attack.

In the hospital I ran into someone I had gone to high school with working as an aide.

We had coffee in the cafeteria when she went on break. I asked her out and she turned me down.

Six months later she called and asked me out.

4. The only singles.

Friend of mine organised a double date with me and one of her work colleagues. Double date turned into a quadruple date, with me and my date as the only single people there.

Worked out though, we got married at in early 2020.

3. Entirely unexpected.

A friend came over to watch some youtube and play Mario Kart.

We ended up having sex on the floor instead.

2. Ah, the old “there was only one bed.”

When I got my job 9 years ago the developer in the team started talking about anime with me, she was very nerdy and so was I so we clicked.

It was when we were stood in McDonalds waiting for our lunch that she mentioned a hentai title I immediately recognised and called her out on it, we then proceeded to make plans to watch it.

Neither of us drive, and we didn’t check the last bus home either, so she offered to share her bed with me since it was now midnight. Cue me finally losing my V card at 20.

Lovely girl, bit crazy. Had a great relationship and now we just remain best friends, trust her with my life.

1. It even lasts.

I got asked out by the hot skater boy at a party while wasted my freshman year of high school. I thought he was joking (he was super hot, popular, older, and all the girls wanted him)so I said he had to ask me again when he was sober.

Next morning he woke up and said well what do you think, you wanna be my girl? And here we are folks 16 years later, over a decade of marriage and 3 wonderful kids!

As a novelist, I couldn’t be happier having read these. Creativity for the win!

Have you met a partner or former partner in an odd way? Let us know in the comments how it went down!