14 People Who Wrote Signs In English… We Think

Listen, I am a native English speaker who also writes words for a living, and I still need – quite badly – an editor to double (and triple) check everything I pen. English is tough, whether you were born to a culture that speaks it or not.

That acknowledged, I think it’s OK to laugh at the really hilarious fails, as long as we’re laughing at the outcome and not the person.

If you feel the same way, you should feel free to laugh at these 14 pretty amazing errors in English.

14. The government is really out of control these days.

Maybe they want to gift everyone HBO Max.

“Under the rest” from engrish

13. It was the last two that got me.

“Idk just keep adding more e’s.”

I love this image from engrish

12. Sage advice indeed.

The first one is a great example of “show don’t tell,” too.

Some sage advice from engrish

11. I need this sign for my office.

Seriously, I think they could sell this thing.

I’m thinking I need this made into a t-shirt. from engrish

10. Yes. Yes, it is.

Exactly what I mean.

Got is from U/microwaveBurrito2568 in r/memes, but this is a better community. from engrish

9. I’ve never identified with a cappuccino machine more.

Poor thing. Tomorrow will probably be a better day.

Me too broken coffee machine, me too…. from engrish

8. To be fair, that’s different than speaking English.

If you know, you know. But you can’t explain it.

Taken from r/memes from engrish

7. This is giving me an existential crisis.

I think I would have stopped and just stared at it for like, an hour.

Challenge accepted from engrish

6. I certainly hope not.

Not if you want to have a baby in a few months anyway.

A girl or a female from engrish

5. That estimate might be a bit high.

Depends on the year, though.

drive safe! from engrish

4. Might want to cross this place off your list.

That’s not a welcome addition.

The Laundry Room has been too holy recently from engrish

3. I don’t like this question.

What happens if I click no?

No from engrish

2. Sorry not sorry.

I’ve never found my appliances to be very apologetic.

Washing machine is done apologizing from engrish

1. What will it do next?

I don’t know about you, but I want to stick around and find out.

An out of control freezer from engrish

I could scroll through pictures like this all day, y’all. They are just too much.

Which one cracked you up the most? We want to hear about it in the comments!