14 Pictures of Celebrities Back in the Day

We become so accustomed to what the people we see on the television and on the big screen look like from the day we first see them and beyond that it can be hard to even remember that they were babies, toddlers, and awkward teens once, too.

If you’re curious what your favorite mature actors, actresses, singers, politicians, etc looked like before they entered the public eye, we’ve got you covered with these 14 fun photos.

14. Jennifer Garner dancing.

She literally looks exactly the same.


13. Oprah at 24.

What an absolute beauty.


12. College girl Michelle Obama.

She looks like a baby, y’all.


11. Baby Kardashians.

Talk about a huge change.


10. Madonna in high school.

It’s easy to see why she caught people’s attention.

9. Jack Black as a kiddo.

He just looks like he was trouble, doesn’t he?


8. Zendaya as a younger girl.

She’s kept that energy up. Go girl.


7. Little Adele.

I love how typical this photo is of a girl her age.


6. Tracee Ellis Ross looking fierce.

I’m honestly jealous of those glasses.


5. 7yo Beyonce.

Did her parents know they were living with a future queen.


4. Michelle Pfeiffer as a teenager.

A beauty for sure.


3. Gabrielle Union as a little girl.

The fire in her eyes, y’all.


2. Baby Taylor Swift.

What a doll baby. Sigh.


1. Chrissy Teigen.

Y’all, this is the most classic 90s picture I have ever seen in my life.


Well one thing’s for sure – most of them were beautiful from the start.

Which one of these was the hardest for you to see? Share with us in the comments!