14 Entertaining Snapchats People Saved By Taking Screenshots


Snapchats aren’t supposed to be permanent, but we are SO happy these ones got captured before they went away forever – and we’re pretty sure you’re gonna agree.

See for yourself!

14. Some people need to work on their sense of humor

Photo Credit: Twitter, aallz__

13. Doggiiieeeeeeee

Photo Credit: Twitter,__amypound

12. Caption: Totally unnecessary

Photo Credit: Twitter,beyondshaun

11. So sweet…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Garde_A

10. I mean, at least someone is using their hoverboard

Photo Credit: Twitter,iconickkk

9. Why is this so funny? Lol.

Photo Credit: Twitter,Lieberperson

8. That is a dedicated fan right there

Photo Credit: Twitter,sophiekleeman

7. Someone is grounded

6. Best. Roommate. Ever.

Photo Credit: Twitter,AlecPloof

5. Just no

Photo Credit: Twitter,CampbellBeans

4. This took some serious dedication

3. The Internet has a winner!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Bishsicle

2. *crying*

Photo Credit: Twitter,Luke_Laehy


Photo Credit: Twitter,Ni_av_h

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