If these 14 pictures have anything to say about it, we just might remember 2017 as the year Snapchat really came into its own. If 2018 wants to do better, it’s going to have to make a serious effort.

See for yourself.

14. Some people need to work on their sense of humor

Photo Credit: Twitter, aallz__

13. Doggiiieeeeeeee

Photo Credit: Twitter,__amypound

12. Caption: Totally unnecessary

Photo Credit: Twitter,beyondshaun

11. So sweet…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Garde_A

10. I mean, at least someone is using their hoverboard

Photo Credit: Twitter,iconickkk

9. Why is this so funny? Lol.

Photo Credit: Twitter,Lieberperson

8. That is a dedicated fan right there

Photo Credit: Twitter,sophiekleeman

7. Someone is grounded

6. Best. Roommate. Ever.

Photo Credit: Twitter,AlecPloof

5. Just no

Photo Credit: Twitter,CampbellBeans

4. This took some serious dedication

3. The Internet has a winner!

Photo Credit: Twitter,Bishsicle

2. *crying*

Photo Credit: Twitter,Luke_Laehy


Photo Credit: Twitter,Ni_av_h

h/t: Buzzfeed

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