14 Pictures That Need No Context To Be Hilarious

If there’s one thing that being able to connect with different folks around the world via the internet has taught me over the past couple of decades, it’s that people are really something.

Like, they’re funny in so many ways, often without meaning to be, and honestly, it’s that quirky charm that keeps us from wanting to completely chucking the whole experiment into the sun (some days).

These 14 pictures will leave you scratching your head, but they’ll also leave you laughing – because there’s no point in doing anything else.

14. I’d ask who is saving who here.

But the octopus is obviously in the driver’s seat.

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13. It’s important to have supportive friends.

That said, I have questions.

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12. Large snail or tiny puppy?

Or why not both, I suppose.

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11. We all need somewhere to hang up our broom.

Whether we’re sweeping with it or riding it, I guess.

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10. You’re looking at 4 very close friends.

And 4 villain origin stories.

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9. Someone has a sense of humor.

Is it the kitten or the owner?

hmmm from hmmm

8. Y’all WHAT is happening here.

I cannot wrap my mind around a single thing that makes sense.

hmmm from hmmm

7. It’s like they came through a portal at the same time.

And didn’t get put back together quite right.

hmmm from hmmm

6. That’s a lot of hedgehogs.

I am not at all mad about it, though.

hmmm from hmmm

5. What sort of support group is this?

Wrong answers only in the comments.

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4. I mean, come as you are.

We just want you to be here.

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3. Hey, she’s a part of the family, too.

We can all use a little prayer time now and again.

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2. That seems harder than it has to be.

You have hands, man! Use them!

hmmm from hmmm

1. What is the purpose of this?

I guarantee you someone is calling that art.

hmmm from hmmm

See what I mean? Hilarious and completely insane in equal parts.

Which one of these really got you? Let us know in the comments!