15 People Get Real About What They Dislike Most About The World Today

There can be no doubt that there are plenty of things about today’s world that are not the best. The violence, the wars, the weather, the politics, (the covid) – take your pick.

Of course, people have had cause to complain no matter where in history they lived, but that doesn’t make the issues we experience any easier to stomach.

Out of all the issues in the world, these are the ones that these 15 people dislike the most.

15. Yeah why is that?

How much being a s*%t person is actually celebrated and encouraged.

My coworker is one of those girls that prides herself on being a bitch. She proudly states how many people she’s ran out of our workplace, and it blows my mind. 33 and proud of being a mean girl… oof. The worst part is how many people encourage her for being like that.

14. Taxes, for sure.

I’m a freelance advertising creative, just gave my tax return to my accountant – you should have seen his face when I showed him the folder full of close to a hundred Adobe creative cloud monthly transactions. And no, there is apparently no way to access a single yearly tax statement through Adobe Cloud.

Oh, and we still pay 20% more for it here in Australia because fuck Aussies right?

Apparently we’re just used to paying the “Australia tax” now despite digital distribution being around for over a decade. Eff you Adobe.

13. So far from fantasy.

My grandfather raised 8 kids supported his wife, and paid a mortgage on a 40-50 hour a week managers salary at Sears. They had a two weeks interstate vacation every year.

It wasn’t anything lavish, usually they went by station wagon to West Virginia (where my grandparents were from) or they went to Venice, Florida or something. But it was still two weeks of vacation for TEN PEOPLE. They never took government assistance.

That is so far from fantasy these days it’s not even fathomable. If somebody put that in a movie most people would be unable to suspend their disbelief. In fact it’s absurd to even expect I could support just myself with a comparable job today.

12. No more owning anything.

I heard a couple years ago, that the future is going to be rent/lease/subscription.

Average People won’t own anything, you’ll rent property, lease your car, pay subscriptions for TV, radio, internet, etc.

Software will eventually all be subscription based, cloud services, etc.

everything will be “it’s just $1 a week” but yeah, when you have 20-50 things you’re paying out, it’s like death from a thousand paper cuts.

11. The disconnect is so big.

Oh you have no idea, the rage I feel when my 72 yo dad says stuff like what’s your plan ? Times ticking, at your age I had three kids. The disconnect is so big there’s no point in answering, he wouldn’t understand and to be honest I’m not even sure he want to understand.

So he’ll probably die thinking he birthed a lazy disappointment punk. And to be honest yes he worked way harder than me, it took a toll on his health, but my burden, our burden, is there no hope, like I did the maths so many times with all kind of scenarios and the only way is a miracle, like Bezos or Gates put me on their will or something.

10. Social media fame.

Not the worst (people have already said it), I hate how normalized wanting/needing to be famous on social media purely for validation (and not for your content) has become.

I don’t mean this as a dig, but if you are making content and want to become famous; you should probably have a marketable skill (comedy, acting, singing, anything else) prior to that instead of trying to make one up after you’ve got a following.

9. We’re all out for ourselves.

Everyone is out for themselves, and somehow lying/dishonesty is bad for everyone else but okay for them.

It never ceases to amaze me how self-centered people are and it’s very disturbing.

8. Just say you’re sorry.

Honesty and admitting wrongdoing is a liability, wherein the risk outweighs the reward.

Car accidents are the worse. The at fault party will try to do EVERYTHING to pretend they weren’t at fault. Insurance cards even tell you to never admit fault. I got t-boned by somebody who blew a stop sign and I couldn’t believe how much she was trying to blame me when I had no stop and she blew thru hers.

Cops quickly saw she was using every excuse in the book and luckily I had a couple witnesses who backed my truthful story.

7. The smallest of things.

I agree 100%. People only seem to care about their own comfort and convenience. So much so, that they will literally go out of their way to make life inconvenient and uncomfortable for others to get their C&C.

Even if it’s for the smallest of things. Respect for other people seems to be a thing of the past more and more everyday.

It’s the after effects of our society tipping the balance where it is more beneficial to lie and deceive than it is to be honest and admit a mistake. Those who do admit to them are cancelled forever and shunned. Those who lie or refuse to admit mistakes are not.

You end up with a situation where no one in power is ever able to reverse course because doing so would be more harmful to themselves and their party. So they plow full steam ahead with bad ideas and when those ideas fail they double down.

When they fail again they gaslight you that they didnt fail. Anyone pointing out the mistake and how stupid this all is is shunned by the mob as being a member of the opposing hated group

6. You’re allowed to grow.

Also changing your mind on something is frowned upon as “flip-flopping”.

You’re encouraged to dig your heals and never admit you’ve got a new opinion.

5. Politics and money.

Politics and money run everything.

And every good person who tries to get involved to make change doesn’t make it far because the folks at the top are corrupt and run everything.

4. Empathy is for everyone.

Lack of empathy everywhere. Dating, platonic social interactions, workplace, online in general people be treating each other like expendables.

I don’t know why. Or if the world was always this way and I am only noticing as an adult.

3. Just all of it.

Basically everything. Such immense powers of innovation and problem solving and we’re letting greedy, shitty people run everything.

The world seems tailor-made to protect stupid assholes from their consequences and inconvenience or even hurt decent people.

2. No one and done.

Everything is subscription now. And I understand why (good, reliable monthly income) but it feels like everything is turning subscription!

Movie services make sense, maybe music, but photoshop? Virtual machines?

This is very old school of me but I want to buy something once and then own it. I don’t want to pay a monthly price for everything.

1. It’s making a comeback.

Propaganda. It’s not really new, but it’s something that I really hate, and don’t hear people talk about it very often.

Worst of all is the fact that people dont really know how to define propaganda. A friend of mine told me once that he thought that propaganda were only the flyers one is given in the streets for elections or coffee shops, until he went to germany and saw the old building of the propaganda ministry and went “ohhhh”.

All cause for concern, I would agree.

Would you add something to this list? Let us know what it is in the comments!