14 Classical Art Memes Everyone Can Enjoy

Despite what you might think, classical art isn’t just for the elite. Nor should it be reserved for museums and fancy homes. The best kind of art is accessible art.

And what’s more accessible than a meme?

You don’t need an art history degree to appreciate these 14 pieces of classical artwork, just a sense of humor!

1. To make a long story short…

…and then this man started painting my portrait.

Image Credit: electricmind

2. Welp.

At least she’ll never have to worry about STDs?

Image Credit: electricmind

3. “Pssst. Frank. Hey Frank…?”

“It’s ok everyone! He’s just super hungover.”

Image Credit: electricmind

4. I bet he has a great personality:

Or, you know…some other good quality…

Image Credit: electricmind

5. It was for the best:

She’s better off without him.

Image Credit: blackwolfrise

6. #YOLO

Especially if you’re THE EARTH.

Image Credit: renaissancerubbish

7. “Squirrel!”

At least he has a sheild?

Image Credit: u/29065035551704

8. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…”

I genuinely want to know the actual context for this one.

Image Credit: u/Androman777

9. My old nemesis:

You’re late. Or am I early? I can never remember which way it goes.

Image Credit: u/joeychuckles

10. I got your nose!

Err, here, let me just…find some glue…

Image Credit: u/picatostas

11. At least He’s consistent:

Death actually looks pretty happy to be choosen!

Image Credit: electricmind

12. I knew it!

Excuse me while I set out some baskets…

Image Credit: electricmind

13. Hey now, let’s not be hasty…

You really want to walk around naked for the rest of your life?

Image Credit: electricmind


It’s called social distancing for a reason.

Image Credit: blackwolfrise

This is the type of artwork I’d love to see on display. I feel like I really get what the artists were going for. So modern. So old. So…art.

Haha, just kidding! Which one of these artistic memes amused you the most? Let us know in the comments!