14 Real Things That Totally Look Like Glitches in the Universe

Sometimes, you see something that in real life that just doesn’t make sense. Instead of trying to rationalize the irrational, it’s often better to just accept things as they are and roll with them.

There are abnormalities in our realities that we cannot even begin to understand – like UFOs and people who still wear Ed Hardy t-shirts.

Here are 14 things in real life that seem like glitches in the universe.

1. You’ve heard of upside down cakes, now here’s…

An upside down house. At least I can finally fulfill my Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

This upside-down house. from mildlyinteresting

2. A real biological phenomenon

Take a look at this super rare albino sea turtle. Animals really are out of this world.

An albino turlte I saw on my vacation in Sri Lanka from mildlyinteresting

3. From a bygone era

Here’s a grocery store that used to be a theatre – for those of us who love sad, dystopian nostalgia.

Supermarket in Venice used to be a theatre from mildlyinteresting

4. Well, I guess everybody does it

Feel like an actual alien in this London restaurant’s space-themed bathroom, complete with a flying saucer and toilet pods.

These “toilet pods” are the restroom at a London restaurant from mildlyinteresting

5. In all shapes and sizes

This little door in the woods is perfect for any talking dormice looking for prime real estate.

This tree has a tiny door built into it. from mildlyinteresting

6. That’s a lot of power

I guess a giant outlet must be useful for something.

This power company has a giant plug and socket on it from mildlyinteresting

7. A true hybrid

Which recycling bin are you supposed to put this in?

This sparkling water is in a plastic bottle with an aluminum top from mildlyinteresting

8. I think I’ll pass

Nature, you’re beautiful – but you’re also seriously terrifying. This looks like my candy-coated nightmare.

Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth found in my garden, UK from mildlyinteresting

9. They’re real!

Only 0.0000005% of lobsters are blue. This jewel-toned crustacean was caught in Nova Scotia and promptly put back into the ocean.

Blue lobster caught in St. George’s Bay, Nova Scotia from mildlyinteresting

10. In a world where the 50’s never ended

This looks like something out of the Bioshock universe.

Buffalo wing soda. from mildlyinteresting

11. A multi-purpose business

If only the car wash this drive-thru is in was still functioning – then we could really knock out two birds with one stone.

This fast food drive thru used to be a car wash. from mildlyinteresting

12. Could you say that again?

These signs are in a Coast Salish language, native to the indigenous folks of the Pacific Northwest.

Stop sign on the Musqueam reserve in Vancouver, BC from mildlyinteresting

13. Speed racing in Antarctica

This tunnel in Norway makes you feel like you’re driving through giant glacier.

This roundabout in the middle of a long tunnel in Norway. from mildlyinteresting

14. It’s a pretty patty!

Don’t get it twisted – this burger’s designer.

This blue hamburger from mildlyinteresting

If that last one is blue raspberry flavored, I’m totally down. Still not totally sold on the buffalo wing-flavored soda.

What do you think of these real life glitches in the universe? Are they amazing or totally off-putting?

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