14 Social Customs People Would Really Like To See Disappear

Social customs are nice because they’re kind of a roadmap to how to behave among the other human beings. That said, sometimes those customs arose in the distant past and don’t really do anything helpful in the modern world.

I bet you can think of a few, and so can Reddit – here are 14 customs people really think we should stop doing like, right now.

14. We all need sleep.

Sleep deprivation pride.

I don’t know why my coworkers are boasting that they slept 4 hours last night.

13. You don’t have to do this.

Being nice to customers that act horribly.

I’ve apologized in advance to a few customer service reps to let them know that I understand this isn’t their fault and any frustration they are hearing is aimed at the situation/larger company and not them in particular.

And shockingly I get great customer service. Treating people like fellow human beings shouldn’t be the exception, it should be the rule.

12. Wear a kilt!

Skirts are ok in a workplace, but shorts are not.

11. Seriously no one cares.

Perfect attendance in school, or being penalized for missing classes due to sickness. This creates perfect little diseases spreaders and future workaholics.

This is also setting up a kids life to be like what others mentioned in this thread this far. (Coming into work sick, believing their work life is more important than home life etc.)

10. It’s really not.

Stop questioning when we are having children. It’s none of anyone’s business.

I hate this question. My sister can’t have kids but I know she wants to. She has had multiple miscarriages recently. I hope she never gets asked this question.

9. Respect has to be earned.

Treating someone with extra deference or respect because of their social station or occupation. Just because someone is a politician, judge, a cop or owns a business shouldn’t mean anything as far as social interactions go.

As far as I’m concerned everyone I meet gets a base level of respect, and they can earn or lose it by the way they behave.

8. We should make this a thing.

Having all the fun prints and decor and what not only for kids/babies/ nurseries. I want a dinosaur on my pillowcase saying ‘rawrrr’ over some daisies every time.

7. Get them a stool.

Cashiers and other jobs not being allowed to sit down because it makes them “look lazy”.

While I’ve got the spotlight can we do away with “minimum wage shouldn’t be enough to live off of” too? Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

6. When did this start?

Celebrities being treated like God’s and people caring about what they name their babies rather than what’s being taught to their kids or what’s going on in our government.

People care more about the lives of strangers (celebs, influencers or any famous persona) than their own lives and the people within. It’s baffling and tragic.

5. There’s no real argument to the contrary.

I think we would all be so much happier with a 4 day work week and 3 day weekend.

A 4 day work week but having Wednesday off is where it’s at. I had that schedule in college and having a day off in the middle of the week to rest and/or catch up on stuff is great

4. Among other things.

Expensive funerals.

Environment doesn’t like this.

Just dump me somewhere into the forest, animals might eat it, I don’t care.

3. Just let people have fun.

That somehow the concept of maturing means you have to give up hobbies that are seen as “childish”.

I’ve taken roller-skating lessons with a class of 5-year olds and I don’t have kids. All the parents thought it was strange, but I felt it was the best way to learn rather than risking falling on the kids at the rink. Plus, since the kids were ahead of me on skills, the teacher had them show what they knew by having them teach me. The kids loved it.

Many of the parents were bothered by me joining the class, when it was specifically an all ages class. I just didn’t realize that I would be the only person not that young. I found out most of the parents couldn’t skate themselves. Seems to me it would have been good for them to be out there learning as well rather than just watching. Or, if they wanted their own class, enough adults could have requested a separate class.

I hope all the kids kept skating.

2. So ick.

Caste system in India.

It’s 21st century, and about 200 million “untouchable” people in India cannot have a normal life, normal career, they cannot even have justice in case a crime is committed against them.

1. Just do it, y’all.

LEGO is not just for kids!

For real, I didn’t even dare to ask for +$100 sets as a kid. Buying them now makes me feel like the richest man on earth.

Walking out of the Lego Store when they had to tape bags together because there was nothing big enough to hold the set, yeah, that’s a great feeling.

Yep, all of these, and also please stop shaking my hand.

What do you think is missing from this list? Add it in the comments!