14 Stories About People Who Objected At Weddings

I’ll admit that it’s been a bit since I’ve attended a wedding, but as I recall, the bit about allowing people to object tot he union has started to go a bit out of fashion. I figure that’s because if someone coming to your wedding had a real reason to object, you’d hope they would come to you ahead of time, and if it’s someone just looking to cause drama, you don’t want to encourage it.

Apparently some people still keep the traditional script, though, and objections happen – here are 14 stories you won’t want to miss.

14. Teenagers.

When I was a kid I remember my cousin doing it, he didn’t actually object, he just always wanted to do it since he was a kid.

13. All for a laugh.

 I was at a Star Wars themed wedding. The officiant was dressed as Darth Vader, and the bride and groom were Leia and Han. When the officiant asked the question,

I started to respond, but was immediately force-choked by Vader. Again, everyone in on it, and it got a laugh.

12. Evil genius.

I was the best man for my buddy, and I loved to stick it to him. So while he and his new wife were getting their pictures taken between the ceremony and dinner, I handed out a bunch of keys and cheap rings I’d collected and gave everyone at least one saying “I’m going to ask for this back later, please give it to me then.”,

Then during my speech I said, “Now that (my friend) is married, anyone who had keys to his apartment, please give them back, and if he ever proposed to you, it’s time to return your ring to him.”

He ended up with a pile of about 300 keys and rings.

11. A family story that lasts.

I was three years old, it was my mum’s cousin’s wedding. I was arguing with my older brother (would have been about seven) after he took my seat during the service and I was very determined to get it back.

During the silence as the vicar asks if anyone has any objections, a cry was heard from me, “I was there first!” so perfect timing on my part.

I have no memory of it but family still likes to tell the story.

10. Headed off at the pass.

At my wedding I did not allow my grandmother to attend the ceremony. Everyone was like oh she’s 80 she’s blind, she’s got Parkinson’s, what could she do?

Object, faint, yell, idk but that lady is mean. She “fainted” at my high school graduation WHEN they called my name. So I wouldn’t put it past her, my biggest fear was she would stand up an object for no reason. I only let her attend at all for my mother’s sake.

She was sat in the reception hall in front of the bathrooms.

So many people were so confused as to who the old lady was, she would whisper to anyone who dared to go to the restrooms so maaaany stories. “I’m the grandmother and I object becuase of X” “I’m the grandmother and I just love my grandson” (note I’m the bride).

It made the evening entertaining as it made for innocent gossip.

We just told everyone she had dementia (she didn’t at the time just wanted the spotlight), and no one took her seriously.

9. Good mum.

Did it as a joke when I was like 11. My mum yanked me down so hard I’ve been humble ever since.

8. A real good friend.

Not quite the prompt, but I refused the honor of being a friend’s bridesmaid when she was marrying a rampant abuser.

This jerk had thrown her down a flight of stairs (“I fell cause I was tipsy”), tried to run down my boyfriend at the time (“he didn’t see him”), and regularly left bruises on her (excuses varied from kinky sex to anemia to the good old door knob.) My heart ached not being there for her, but I told her that if she ever needed to get out, to just call me and I would drop everything.

Three years later, I got a Facebook message. He’d drained her financially and continued to abuse her, but she finally got out. Last I heard, he had a failing store that he’d opened with every penny of her savings and earnings, but she’s in therapy and doing okay.

7. The cops were called.

My husband and I had 3 wedding days actually. The day we were actually legally married, a small and inexpensive ceremony with just handfuls of family and friends (my favorite, happiest I’d been up to that point) and a big ceremony (we didn’t want it, but my dad and brothers had their heart set, and bribed us with the promise of paying for the ceremony/reception AND a lavish gift in exchange for the stress of two introverts having an enormous wedding).

My 3rd wedding, the big one, was “ruined” by an objection from the woman who’s introduced us.

A little backstory: When my husband and I met at my (ex) lifelong best friends house warming party we hit it off right away and talked for hours. We literally left the party just to go and talk and enjoy each other’s company better.

When we returned my friend immediately separated us and brought me up to her room where she told me nervously “You cannot sleep with him…actually, please never ever speak with him again”. My stomach dropped and I expected the worst. Did he have a partner already? Was I flirting with a married man? Nope. My friend told me he was single, just just “off limits”. She literally wouldn’t say why. This was weird.

I asked her if she had feelings for him (she was living wi her bf at the time but they were having issues and I thought maybe she was sorting through a weird crush and this friend?). She insisted that no she had no feelings for him whatsoever but then proceeded to say she’d rather I f**k her boyfriend than the friend I’d been talking to all night. Super weird. I told her I loved her a lot but this request was not normal, and I really needed more information. She gave me some long explanation that amounted to “because I said so” and then told me I had to go tell him I’m not interested and never contact him again. I told her that she’d have to either give me a great reason or just go tell the guy herself that she was forbidding us from getting to know each other. She told me “just do it!”.

I was upset but…she was my best friend of 15 years. So, I went downstairs and told the guy our mutual friend didn’t want us talking anymore. He was upset, but we both agreed to just sort of give it a minute and see if she was maybe just emotional or drunk or something. Then for the next few weeks she proceeded to lie to both of our faces about each other (told me terrible things about him, told him awful things about me) and trash talk us to anyone who would listen while -to our faces- pretending to be our best-friend who’d saved us from the terrible fate of dating each other. Eventually she overplayed her hand though. We figured out what was going on, got together to compare notes (it had all gotten…just really insane and extreme on her end). She immediately blocked and ghosted me while texting him nice little “We miss u” messages (the we included her bf) and acting like he’d done nothing wrong and I was satan (ironic, because I’d been willing to forgive her while he’d already gone emotional scorched earth and would have spit in her face).

Losing my friendship with her was the most painful breakup I’ve been through. It took me a while to move on but I did. And I ended up staying with and getting engaged to the guy she went psycho about me seeing…so it was ultimately worth it. Over the years I’ve heard things hear and there from mutual friends about her being upset about us being together, and had a handful of limited interactions (one on Xmas, once after she broke up with her bf and called my husband so he handed me the phone to answer and she pretended she’d meant to call me) which betrayed that she was still not happy about us, but nothing serious.

Fast forward to our big wedding day. The priest is doing his thing, asks if anyone has any objections. Our old mutual friend stands up and is immediately sobbing out an incoherent objection. She wasn’t invited. She’d stalked us and bribed a guest to be their plus one (said guest had NO idea of the situation and thought she was just an old friend who I’d be happy to see). The guest she’d come with is trying to pull her back down to her seat but she scuttled away from him and was just standing in the aisle.

Sobbing and stammering about how we met at her house and how she shouldn’t have invited us to the party (I think…it wasn’t very eloquent). We didn’t have security. No one really knew what to do. The priest is like totally shocked mouth gaping open. My brothers and SIL are like hands on their heads grimacing and clearly trying to think of SOME solution. My dad has stepped out and already called the cops. So, she’s just standing there screaming at us and sobbing. She manages to get out a coherent question aimed at my husband (and I’m paraphrasing for brevity and memories sake) “Why not me? Why didn’t you like me? You ignored me for 2 years and you wouldn’t acknowledge anything I did to try to get your attention! Then you always said you were too damaged and I thought that must be the problem and I was going to wait but you two met and it’s just RIGHT AWAY together forever! Why?! What’s wrong with you? What the hell?”.

My husband, in his autistic glory replied “I mean…I never liked your face and your voice is grating and you’re not that smart. I just liked hanging out with -her ex- so I figured I had to be nice to you….but this is weird now. I mean yeah I think you’re ugly and boring [to me] did you invite her, you didn’t right? [I said no] and you weren’t invited so yeah definitely you should leave”.

Everyone sort of grumbled and gasped and expressed general shock/amusement/cringe. My oldest brother looked like he wanted to teleport into the sun. She’d been crying and babbling nonstop the whole time. I’d tried to speak a couple times but she just shrieked at me. My brother (the one who would rather be launched into space) went over and grabbed her at that point and dragged her out by the arm like a toddler (he later told me he would rather get assault charges than be in that situation any longer).

My husband and I were asked if we’d like a minute. We took a minute in a weird little back room and just sort of went “holy shit, right? Like holy shit. You good? Ok. Well we gotta get back out there but oh my god!” Then we all just sort of moved on and finished the damn thing up. Jokes were made. Some people took video and that got passed around a lot (ex-friend actually called me ask that I make people stop…as if I control that?)

Honestly, my dad was more upset about it than we were.

6. Good riddance.

Wasn’t me, but we witnessed a family member walk out during this part of the ceremony because they didn’t support the interracial marriage. Couple is still happily married to this day and that family member is still a racist.

Edit: (for more context since there’s lots of questions) The relative is a head of the family and was against the marriage from beginning. She begrudgingly went to ceremony because everyone basically forced her to and stood up and walked out at exact moment when they asked if anyone objects. She missed out on reception so no food/booze for her. Still doesn’t accept bride to this day and ignores her at family events.

5. More police involvement.

Only vaguely related but, at my cousins wedding they had to have the groomsmen basically as security, with us bridesmaids as a greeting crew. We were told to watch out for cousin’s crazy ex who had been threatening to ruin the wedding.

He apparently did show up for the reception, and was quietly escorted away. Well, maybe not so quiet but I’m fairly sure only the 2 groomsmen, myself, and one guest who were out smoking knew he’d showed up until much later. But the cops were very kind!

4. It took the pressure off.

I already posted but a funny story from my marriage that just occurred to me. Shortly after the minister said his line, and l had just started back into the main speech, a baby absolutely wails. It was the 10 month old of my maid of honor and her husband who was a groomsman, with her older sister being our flower girl.

The wedding video is absolutely hilarious because you can see my maid of honor trying to gesture towards her mother (who was watching the baby) to get her the eff out.

I lost it for a bit and full giggled, made a joke quick about needing 2 flower girls so she wouldn’t feel left out… then in the wee bit of quiet while baby was being taken out one of the groomsmen goes “Well she can be the flower girl for you next time!”

I lost it, my husband was watching me in pure terror, and it was a mix of laughter and anger from the audience. Officiant managed to pull things back in and we went on, it was kind of great because we were both such goofy types and ended up having a big show wedding from family pressure.

One of my uncles was pure livid over the groomsmans comment (I knew him very well and knew it was him trying to make light of something awkward without realising what he’d implied) but all in all it was great.

3. Just having a little fun.

I once went to a wedding where the bride had planned for a bunch of the grooms closest friends to all stand up and object at the same time as a joke.

It was obvious it was a joke cause we all heard the first one say “Oh s*%t! Right!” Before he stood up, either as part of the script or cause he’d actually forgotten.

It was a pretty funny and sweet performance.

2. Because drama.

Why wouldn’t someone address their concerns BEFORE the wedding versus DURING the wedding…..just so they can be the center of attention and cause embarrassment in front of all the guests???

1. Awkward and cute.

I was five, and at the time, I thought it was the flower girl getting married (she was five too). So I run down the aisle saying “don’t get married I love you” (just like I’d seen in the movies).

Everyone was dying laughing. What I didn’t know at the time was that SHE WAS MY COUSIN.

Y’all, people are so funny. But don’t let them ruin your wedding day.

Have you ever witnessed anything like this? If so, we’d love to hear the story in the comments!