14 Teacher Tweets from Friday the 13th

Image Credit: Twitter

Last Friday was the 13th, and it was a full moon, so no doubt teachers everywhere were battening down the hatches, girding their loins, or just calling in sick expecting their already crazy jobs to go completely off the deep end.

And while some teachers surely breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the day thinking they’d gotten off easy, these 14 teachers will surely rethink going to work at all the next time such an ominous confluence looms.

14. What a coincidence – this is also what I do on Friday nights.

13. Yeah, let’s just take a quick minute to rethink that idea.

12. You could leave it and claim those are the bloody tears of your students.

11. So…you teach dogs?

10. Middle schoolers will absolutely never give you what you want.

9. I have been this sub, so thank you.

8. Do you give them points for creativity, though?

7. The caption for this headline should win some kind of award.

6. It’s definitely not a 9-5, that’s for sure.

5. You have ONE JOB copy machine.

4. It really is all about how much you can insult them without anyone being able to prove it.

3. Why is this sooooo true there are not enough layers.

2. You have to know when to accept it and when to fight it. Pick your battles, etc.

1. I love how teachers also feel obligated to explain what made that smear.

I don’t know; some of these are pretty darn funny!

What about you – do you believe in full moons and Friday the 13th, or is all of this purely coincidence? Let us know in the comments!