14 Things Girls Figure Guys Would Rather Not Know

Human beings might all be the metaphorical same on the inside, but when it comes to anatomy and physiology, we’re definitely not all the same on the inside.

Like, at all.

There are things about being a woman that aren’t secrets, exactly…there just isn’t a whole lot of reason for you to know if you can’t commiserate.

Here are 14 things girls keep to themselves – or for gab time with their friends.

14. Not everyone is confident.

Sometimes we’re really scared to talk to you too.

13. It’s a little cathartic.

how many times i type out something to send and delete it all, never sending anything

12. We’re not usually looking for a fixer.

Idk if this is for all girls but from my own personal experience, when I vent, I don’t want advice. I want someone who will listen and not judge.

11. Girls are definitely as scary as boys.

The demonic rituals we did as children at sleepovers

Light as a feather stiff as a board

10. We have no secrets.

That we girl friends discuss each and everything with each other.

So, if you’re flirting with two friends simultaneously, there is a high chance that both of them are laughing at your texts behind your back

9. As long as they pass the smell test.

Sometimes we don’t wash our bras for weeks.

As soon as it’s cold enough to justify a few layers so you can’t tell, no more bra. Went to work for three months that way. Shirt, vest, hoodie, the end.

8. We’re not quiet any longer.

Honestly, until a few years ago, women wouldn’t even talk about this to each other and most thought it was just specific to them:

Period poops. Fuuuuuuuuuck that s*&t. Period s*%ts are arguably one of the worst things about having a period, monthly debilitating pain aside, of course

7. Maybe we should tell them.

Sometimes we think men are pretty. Pretty as in “the way your eyes are shining in the sunlight reminds me of fireflies” or “your lips look plump and soft and the way your brow furrows when you’re concentrating makes me smile.”

But we also know men don’t typically like being called pretty because they’ll think we don’t see them as men.

Like we’re feminizing them, but I cannot express how much I wish I could call men pretty without upsetting them.

6. It’s honestly a lot.

Periods can cause a whole list of problems, not just erratic emotions. In fact, most the time i get irritable is literally just because I’m in pain and tired. Not because of hormones.

Also PMS can start happening a week before the period actually starts. I will start feeling bloated and crampy like ~3 days before it actually starts. And exactly two days before it starts, i will get a nasty migraine. The only emotional symptom I get is I get super sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat.

Last month I cried over a video of a guy calming his puppy down after his puppy threw up in the car. I’m talking ugly sobbed over it. A couple months ago, I cried because a friend of mine surprised me with my favorite candy.

5. Le gasp!

We have butt hair.

And sometimes nipple hair too!

4. Very quietly.

When I need to fart but your cuddling me.

Disclaimer: I’m farting on your d**k. Sorry.

3. We have a lot of feelings.

That we sometimes just don’t know why we’re mad or upset. Hormones can be depressing. Even if we’re in our 30s and been dealing with this shit for ages.

Sometimes we’ll just be a little bit less ourselves and feel sad. Saying nothing is wrong is maybe easier than saying I don’t know what tf is wrong.

“What do you need?” Is what my husband asks and it really helps. It’s either cuddles or to be left alone for the whole day!

2. Seriously just stop it.

When you drive really fast I don’t think it’s cool I think you’re an inconsiderate arsehole

Thanks for all awards guys xxx

1. We have underwear for different times of the month.

We bleach our underwear…with our discharge. We keep them sometimes for our periods.

All of these are very true. Bodies are weird, right?!

What are some things that happen to dudes that most women aren’t aware of? Drop your own “secrets” on us in the comments!