14 Things That Started Out As Jokes, But Quickly Became Way Too Real

It can be hard sometimes, on the internet, to tell whether or not someone is being serious. There’s no way to mark sarcasm or a not-so-serious post without explicitly saying that’s what you’re doing, which kind of ruins the moment.

These 14 things were definitely supposed to be jokes, but they quickly flipped to the other side of the coin.

14. This is still so common!

Brain only using %10 of its ability.

13. It should be funny, but it’s kind of not.

Flat earth (the most recent trend)… its origins are hilarious lmfao (like chemtrails) now the same people also started the “all birds are not real” thing, and its catching on just like their last joke… people are so gullible and stupid

12. Are we sure it started out as a joke?

The Area 51 challenge.

11. A meme come to life.

Q anon. A literal 4chan meme

10. People just love it.

MBTI. I mean, it didn’t really start as a joke I guess, it is a psychological model based on a psychologist. And don’t take it wrong, I think it’s fun and interesting to see which personality type I am myself and it isn’t a bad model (even though it doesn’t fit the modern versions).

But I think some people take it way too seriously which bothers me, because I don’t want people to put me in a category and think that is my whole personality.

9. How can you not?

Hating on nickelback

People love talking shit about Nickelback but know every word to 10 of their songs. /h

8. It’s not the Taco Bell.

Taco Bell giving anyone diarrhea.

People who poop too much after eating Taco Bell are people that usually have poor/worse diets, specifically lacking in fiber.

Then they eat Taco Bell, which has a fair amount of fiber (not too much or anything like that, just a normal amount they should eat) and since it’s the first burst of Fiber their body gets, their insides over react and finally become regular for like one night.

I generally eat well, healthy, cook my own meals, and this includes fiber. Taco Bell has never once given me a bad night.

7. I guess it worked.

The whole “Pepe is a symbol of the alt right” and the “Okay” hand gesture being a sign of “White power”.

One of those was started by 4Chan to specifically show how gullible the mainstream media is.

6. How did that happen?

How Palahniuk used ‘snowflake’ ironically and now it’s the conservative go-to.

The meaning also completely changed. It originally referred to delusions of uniqueness (“you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake”), but now people use it to refer to fragility.

5. Well, it totally worked.

Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard created it to win a bar bet.

4. How could anybody…

Birds aren’t real.

3. Probably a little of both.

Surely NNN. Do people actually do it, or do they just lie and say they passed? Cause I know I’ve failed already.

2. It’s just sad, really.

Msg is bad and vaccines cause autism.

As an autistic person it’s much more likely that autism causes vaccines.

1. This kind of tracks, tbh.

Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Literally started as a joke now it’s the American way.

Y’all I have no idea how some of these ever got taken seriously.

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