What Is Awesome and Will Always Be Awesome? People Shared Their Thoughts.

There are certain things that are just awesome and will always be awesome.

I’m talking about certain bands, certain celebrities, and certain styles.

Picture James Dean in your head and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about…

What do you think is awesome and will always be awesome?

Folks on AskReddit shared their thoughts.

1. Great stuff.

“A really really good movie that you know is gonna stick in your mind for a week and that you feel thankful you just had a remarkable two hours of your life transplanted in the mind of someone else with an incredible vision.”

2. Fire!


Watching them. Poking them. Putting more wood in them. Cooking food on them.

Awesome, I always look forward to it.”

3. The best.

“Standing on the edge of the beach listening to the ocean with the moon above and a gentle, warm breeze brushing your face.”

4. Always cool.


You just can’t grow out of your admiration for firetrucks. Older firetrucks? Look cool. Current firetrucks? Look cool as well.

Future firetrucks? I can’t wait to see how cool they’re gonna look.”

5. To your health!

“Good health.

The number of times this year I’ve had a tough week then realized how many of my friends would give everything they have to just to hear a doctor tell them they don’t have cancer.

I can’t take that for granted anymore.”

6. Nice and cozy.

“Crawling into bed beside the love of your life and then waking up just enough to put their arm around you.”

7. Big day!

“The huge grin and twinkling eyes on your child’s face as they find their number one gift under the Christmas tree!”

8. In the past.

“When you think about that thing that has been a cause of suffering for you and you realize you hadn’t thought about it in a while, and it no longer has a hold over you.”

9. Snuggle time.

“Snuggling with a purring cat.

Bonus points if it’s a lazy rainy day at home.”

10. Let it snow!

“Waking up and looking out a window to see that it snowed overnight.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we maybe get a week or two of snow a year. It’s a novelty and it’s always been a positive thing because snow meant that school was canceled.

I just love the snow.”

11. All awesome.

“For some reason the very first thing that popped into my head after reading that question was Christopher Lee.

And then Christopher Walken was the second.

And then the Beastie Boys the third. I don’t know why, but I do know that they’re all awesome.”

12. Please be kind.

“Random acts of kindness. Especially the ones that are NOT filmed for the Internet.

I’m talking about the ones you see irl and the person goes about their day afterward without bragging about it to everyone they see.”

13. Yes.

“Courage and honesty.

I heard Maya Angelou once say that courage is the biggest of all virtues because without courage the other virtues aren’t possible. Don¨t know if that is true or not but humanity has always regarded courage as virtuous and we can see that in so many myths and in literature with all the heros.

To be honest – to speak truth – often requires courage. Humanity realized ages ago that lies and dishonesty ultimately hurts us and that the wise thing is to say that which is true. It maybe is very difficult in the short term but benefits you in the long run. Smart people lie, wise people speak truth. Also honesty and truth make life meaningful.”

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