14 Things That Would Be Absolutely Terrifying If They Were Invisible

If you like musing on random questions that will never have any bearing on real life, I hope you’re on Reddit, because that’s kind of their specialty.

Like this random thought, where a user who may or may not have been high asked people to tell him what they thought would be more disturbing if it was invisible.

I’m not sure if the question or all of the very thoughtful responses was weirder, but I’ve gotta say, I’m not mad about it either way – and you won’t be either after reading through these 14 replies.

14. Some people are just like that.

Me, I would cause chaos.

13. You want to be able see what’s going to kill you.

Any creature in Australia.

May I introduce you to the irukandji jellyfish?

12. It still smells though.

Poop, you would accidentally step in it and never know if someone forgot to flush.

11. Imagine just feeling all of those feet.

F**king Centipedes!!

Though their name literally means “one hundred legs,” centipedes can have anywhere from 10 to roughly 300 legs. Oddly enough, you’ll never find one with exactly 100 legs because they only have an odd number of pairs.

Mmm, 300 legs on your skin, tingling and ticklish

10. I do not want to imagine this.


Just imagine seeing a naked woman with two holes in her upper body. And you can see all the flesh, organs and whatnot in her body through these holes.

And then being like, “Oh, yes, I love playing with your chest hole covers. They are delightful and always bring a smile to my face.”

9. I don’t even want to think about it.

The thin layer of perception separating our own reality from the dimension of eldritch horrors we all secretly know exists.

8. Kids would get away with everything.


Imagine you’re a parent, but as soon as your toddler goes into the “child” age range, they just disappear. They’re not dead, they’re not missing. You just can’t see them….

Are they right next to you or are they down the hall about to break your best friends precious family heirloom? Good luck finding out if the kid decides not to answer you.

7. Crossing the street would be a nightmare.

Trains, and any other land vehicles. Imagine getting knocked out by a bike out of no where.

6. Monkeys are the worst.


Jesus Christ I’m so glad we don’t have monkeys in north America. (Except of course for the herpes swamp monkeys in Florida, but it’s Florida, what do you expect?)

5. It’s bad enough the way it is.


I mean it kind of already is until it gets to a certain point.

4. Sounds kind of peaceful.

Water. Imagine going to the ocean to swim/surf and all you can see is a seemingly endless decent into darkness.

Would it disappear into darkness if the water was invisible? Maybe it would just look like an endless desert that you can’t breath in with flying creatures.

3. They’re bad enough the way it is.


I already hate that sound when near sleeping and they zoom past your ear.

Imagine some flying hypodermal needles flying around taking your blood, but you can’t see them.

That would be terrifying if it was like that from the start.
Before we could detect they are highly camouflaged bugs with infrared sights.

Many folklore is now based on the demons who take your blood with ominous zooming sounds before they bite you.

I think this would change the course of human development.

2. All of that would suck.

Spiders, needles and pins, the toilet, light switches, clocks, cars (driving them), and keyboards.

1. What if you ate one omg.


Never know when they are in your house

Never know when they are on your food

Never know what kind. Could be fire ants or worse

Every small itch could be a passed off ant

Can’t stand around anywhere for too long. Could be near an ant.

I’m going to be imagining some of these scenarios for quite a while, now.

What would your submission have been? Let us know in the comments!