In a perfect world, we all have networks of people around us who are willing to listen when we babble and celebrate when we have great news to share – and you know, even listen to the random facts we find interesting.

In the real world, sometimes people don’t have the time, they’re busy with their own stuff, or we don’t have the support system we’d like – and today, that’s where Reddit comes in.

They’re giving people the forum to share their best random tidbits, and these 15 folks delivered!

15. We’re all a bit smarter now.

There is a warm blooded reptile. It’s called the Black and White Tegu if I remember correctly.

They are considered warm blooded because they can warm themselves. This is not the default, as they typically run cold / room temp like a normal lizard.

In truth they probably deserve their own classification.

14. One day at a time.

After a couple years I finally took the step to get back into fitness, and went to the gym for the first time today 🙂 feeling sore but good!

Edit: Thank you all for the very kind words! Those have motivated me a lot and I will definitely not stop and achieve my goals!

13. A huge moment of independence.

I overcame a personal fear, and got my driver’s license a few weeks ago at the age of 27. The celebration got overshadowed by my families mental health.

I’m super proud of myself.

12. Shout it from the rooftops!

I love the girl I’m dating so much and I think she’s legitimately the one and it’s very special feeling.

11. I’m sorry I can’t.


10. Space is awesome.

Astronomer here! Clap your hands once, and then a second later, clap them again. The distance between your hands when you clapped them is about 530 miles (850 km), due to the Earth’s motion in space (around the sun, sun around the galaxy, galaxy moving through space towards the Virgo cluster, etc).

I did the calculation once, to figure out where the different components are, and the interesting thing is pretty much all of it is from the motion of the Milky Way, and a tinier part from us going around the center of the galaxy- speeds like the Earth spinning are just too small to matter.

Space is awesome!

9. A dream come true.

One of my dreams since I was a kid was visiting Sweden and now I’m writing this post from a bed, in a hotel, in Stockholm!! 32F travelling on my own and let me tell ya…best decision ever!! And a dream come true 🙂

8. We’re so proud of you.

I finally left my abusive ex and have gone no contact. Moved out last week :)))

7. One foot in front of the other.

This Sunday I’m officially 4 weeks sober.

6. So many will thank you.

I am a nurse and after taking a much needed break for 3mos….I am headed back to my hospitals covid unit in the am for a 12hr shift…trying to gather my strength and get my head right.

Update: A momentary decision to comment on a post, brought me much needed support…thank you!

My shift was long and hard, but a good one! My patients were lovely and resilient, as always ❤️

5. Most of us have been there.

I got my first real job after graduating but less than a month in and I’m already over the whole 9-5 lifestyle.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive the next 40 some years doing this

4. That sounds like a lot.

I experienced coma after a heart attack at the age of 24, just before starting my PhD and a promising career.

5 years later i’m still so lost about what i should do with my life.

3. People aren’t always terrible.

Up to 7,000 Afghan refugees are expected at Holloman AFB outside of Alamogordo, NM (Population 31,000). The local newspaper put out a call for donations of shampoo, hairbrushes, nail clippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers, liquid baby formula (very expensive!) and other items.

Three days later, they’re running out of storage space for all of the donations (although that’s a problem that can be solved, I’m sure). Way to go, Alamogordo!

2. Learning does feel good.

I’ve been working for 13 years and recently started taking courses online on my free time just for the pleasure of learning. And it feels great!

1. First but not last.

I’ve finally been making progress with my dream of being a game developer, and am working on my first small project! 😊

Over a thousand people upvoting and giving words of encouragement. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks.

I love hearing people shouting their great news from the rooftops.

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