17 People Reveal Their Biggest Turnoff

You know the term “different strokes for different folks” exists for a reason, and generally, we like to leave people to their own quirks as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

That said, it can be interesting to hear what turns other people off as well as on, because most of us would like to not be annoying and hard to like if we can help it.

So, check out what these 17 people had to say.

17. No respect.

Belittling your partner.

The worst is when it’s exclusively in front of people.

I have ex who was generally super sweet when it was just the two of us…but when friends were around she’d just rip on me


16. Life isn’t a competition.

Always trying to one up you or people you talk to.

I have a friend who always two-ups me.

15. Totally toxic.

Not sure if it’s the biggest one, but when a person talks about others behind their back.

I think we all do it when frustrated, but when someone makes it a part of their daily life, it becomes toxic and frankly undesirable.

14. Don’t be that guy.

the “mean guy” persona.

I went to high school with a muscular, spiked hair, sculpted eyebrows, type.

He was mean to everyone, even the girls he was into.

Fast forward to today. My friend got a new job, and guess who’s his coworker? The mean guy from HS is in his late 30s and he’s still exactly the same, only fat. He has a wife and 2 kids, and they all live with his parents.

He still puts people down, wears $600 Yeezys, and acts like a macho alpha male. It’s kinda sad to watch him act like a macho high school kid when he’s really a bloated middle aged guy with nothing going on in his life.

13. Maybe it’s just that no one wants to try that hard.

the “im hard to get” thing

12. Talk about a dealbreaker.

Lack of hygiene.

I know an “influencer” who is dating a lawyer for his money… he sleeps without underwear and only ever wipes once. So… almost every night she wakes up and he’s left skidmarks on the bedsheet…

11. It seems so simple.

Foul body odor.

I had to be brutally honest with my ex because of this. I’d have to tell him to get in the shower, to wear deodorant etc. After we split he went right back to his old ways. I don’t get it. It’s pollution!

10. This makes me want to punch someone.

Litter bugs. I dated a girl for about 6 months until I found out she would constantly litter. Her excuse was “Someone will pick it up.”

We didn’t last much longer after that.

9. Red flag for sure.

When they are staring at their smartphone, especially during a dinner date. It’s a good reason to walk out.

Had a friend from work ask if I wanted to hang out over the weekend.

Multiple times while I was talking he was just nose deep in his phone and it wouldn’t even register I was speaking to him.

Dude, what’s the point in hanging out if you’re just gonna be on Facebook the whole time?

8. Lying liars.

When people lie to me, even when I know the truth.

That and bad hygiene.

7. Everyone knows it but them.

When they talk crap about their ex and it’s all their fault.

6. Take care of your teeth.

 I have a good friend from school age and I recently went on vacation with her and her mother. Her hygiene is awful. MIGHT take a shower every few days. MIGHT brush her teeth that day and I know she doesn’t wash her hands. She doesn’t smell all that great and her teeth are in rough shape. My roommate actually asked me not to have her over because of said reasons. 😐

Anyway, her mom isn’t as bad, but I can see where the habits spiraled from(brothers are as bad). Her mom was asking me how I kept my teeth so white(basic dental care) and commented on all my showers. She then lamented on how she can’t get her kids to brush their teeth. Seriously though. Everyone’s an adult. You shouldn’t have to tell them to brush their teeth and take a shower!

5. Messy vs. dirty.

People who don’t have clean houses.

I don’t mind mess and norm stuff like people smelling occasionally but people who are not clean in the kitchen and bathroom are gross.

4. Just let people be happy.

mocking some’s hobbies or interests without even having a general understanding of that thing

Mocking without understanding AND also not having any hobbies of their own outside of scouring social media

3. It’s just a waste of time.

Someone who isn’t into me.

It sounds obvious but I’ve gone on dates where the other person seemed like they really didn’t want to be there. Like they’re mind was elsewhere or the owe me the courtesy of a date for some reason.

I’m a big boy. I don’t really want to hear your shallow reason as to why you don’t want to be here but just be straight with me and stop wasting both of our time.

2. Crazy isn’t cute.

‘I’m a psycho hehehehe. Better be careful dating me I’m crazy heheheh’

I’ve lived with a schizophrenic parent, it’s a very bad ride for the people closest to the person suffering. pretending you’re crazy to look edgy is literally the biggest turn off for me.

Just admit you’re a jealous person, don’t pull the ‘I’m crazy hehe’ card.

1. That’s not ideal.

Online dating is the worst offended of this kind of thing. You’re both in there so you’re both looking for something. The two of you match together for some reason or another. It the other person refuses to carry on a conversation.

Rather than just say they aren’t interested or even a good ole fashioned ghosting, they just send one word or short responses and don’t really add anything to the conversation until I just throw my hands up and move on.

I have to say, I agree with most of these.

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