14 Little Details From Kids Shows That Probably Went Right Over Your Head

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

One of the most interesting things about being a parent is getting to watch kid’s television and children’s movies again as an adult. There are so many details that make no sense – and so many more that you finally realize are definitely not included for the kids in the audience.

To that end, these 14 pieces of information probably didn’t mean anything to you as a child….but you might find them interesting now.

14. Barney doesn’t exist.

Image Credit: PBS

I mean, obviously – but if you’ll notice, this “imaginary friend” only appears when there are no adults in the room.

13. Some Proud Family characters are named after Southern California streets.

Image Credit: Disney Channel

La Cienega and Sunset Boulevards, to be exact.

12. This puberty joke on Victorious.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

It’s actually pretty well-timed and funny.

11. This “balloon” looks a lot like a condom.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

But I guess they’d find a lot of those in the ocean these days.

10. Miss Yvonne’s mind had no place in a children’s show.

Image Credit: CBS

I mean, neither did Pee Wee Herman’s, it turned out. So.

9. Helga’s mom on Hey, Arnold! had a drinking problem.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

There’s definitely more than fruit in those “smoothies.”

8. Spongebob is about to get even weirder…

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Because crabby patties are made from crabs, so Mr. Crabs…yeah.

7. Patrick lives under a rock for a reason.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Because he’s that dumb and clueless that, yes, he has literally been living under a rock.

6. The Crusty Crab is shaped like a lobster trap.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

I wonder what exactly they’re trying to say here?

5. I guess there’s no point in lying to kids about Hollywood at any age.

Image Credit: Disney Channel

They should know what they’re getting into, right?

4. The Victorious homage episode to The Breakfast Club made a few alterations.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

I don’t think Bender said “vegan.”

3. There was a character named Faymen Phorchin on Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

Fame and fortune. Now that’s the kind of boyfriend I want.

2. Also on Victorious, Tori’s mom seems to be having an affair?

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

I mean, I don’t know what else they would be implying.

1. That time Patrick thought Spongebob was saying “penis.”

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

One more reason to just lol at this show.

Do you have a moment like this, where an adult joke “got” you after several years of watching? Share it with us in the comments!