14 Times Americans Could Only Answer Yes to Some Legit Questions From Foreigners

Every place you visit is at least a little bit different from you own – even if you’re from the States, and have only traveled to different regions, you know this is true.

People who aren’t from America have always had questions for Americans about different social norms – many of which are based on what they see in the movies – and honestly…the answer is almost always yes.

14. People surely do.

I don’t think it’s very common, though.

13. I’ve never lived in a house without one.

I refuse to stick my hand down there for any reason.

12. I think this mostly happens in the movies tbh.

But it does happen.

11. And there are teachers who refuse to let you go.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

10. Teachers are busy, okay?

I actually think multiple choice are the hardest.

9. I mean, mostly if you’re five.

But yes.

8. Not in my house.

But in general, yes. Everyone.

7. We use it for everything.

You can’t not have it memorized.

6. Bacon is definitely finger food.

As long as we’re talking about the same kind of bacon.

5. Mostly in the Midwest.

Where ranch dressing is life.

4. I think “hot chocolate” is more common.

But I realize now that the whole ‘hot’ part is extra.

3. We don’t call them anything else.

I guess it is a bit like we’re all six.

2. For sure.

Even if they don’t live somewhere cold.

1. I don’t know how else one could choke down celery.

Stringy water.

I honestly had no idea these weren’t common things all over the world – most of them, anyway.

What’s the thing that shocked you the most when you found out it wasn’t the way all anywhere but in America? Tell us in the comments!