16 Non-Americans Talk About What Is Positive About the United States

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I think it’s safe to say that the rest of the world is a little uneasy about what’s going on in America right now.

The world seems to have been turned upside down and we’re right in the thick of it. Protests, unrest, divisive politics, mass unemployment: things are looking pretty grim right now.

But there is always a silver lining to everything. And it’s interesting to see what people from other countries think about us.

This question was posed to folks:

“Non-Americans, what are the positives of America that you see?”

Here’s what people had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Very true.


Even with the ridiculous political situation, Americans are naturally optimistic.

Also, America is about reinvention.”

2. Great music.

“They make a lot of great music, I’m sort of a metal head and my country don’t have any rock bands.”

3. Helping people out.

“The overall availability of services for people with special needs.

You need to get everywhere in a wheelchair? ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has you covered as it is required that all public spaces be accessible to all (there are waivers for historic properties). You have a kid with processing, learning, emotional, or another disability that impacts their ability to do well in school?

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) has you covered and requires that they be given the level of services that they as an individual need to be able to learn successfully. For adults, there are group homes and other public services in place to help ensure individuals with disabilities can live life as independently and successfully as possible.

The effectiveness of these services varies based on where you are, but overall the US ensures an amazing level of access and equity for people with disabilities.”

4. Come and visit us!

“All the Americans I’ve met are very friendly. The place itself has beautiful and diverse landscapes in one (albeit huge) country.

I also want to add that I have a weird interest in American diners! I’ve never been to the US but I’m intrigued from seeing them in films, and would one day like to eat in one 😄”

5. The great melting pot.

“The diversity is key. The US gets flack for aspects of it’s diversity – for very fair reasons – and obviously it is going through some tough times on some of those issues right now.

But, it’s actually pretty incredible relative to most countries. The US really is a “melting pot” that has taken in so many great things from so many places. And, while not universal, most Americans really embrace that stuff.

Also, while the US gets flack for racial issues, there is something to be said for the scale and degree to which it has powerfully engaged with them.

If you think about the cultural shifts in the last 50 years, or the way these tough debates are embraced (though unfortunately not always leading to meaningful changes), it at least suggests a place struggling to figure this out. I think many other countries are quick to point a finger at the US while ignoring serious internal racial divides and issues they have of their own.

I’d rather be in a place struggling and trying hard to get that stuff right than one that sweeps it under the rug.”

6. Nice people.

“How cheerful and nice you guys are. People had been complimenting me out of nowhere in the streets, a lady noticed I was lost and offered me a drive to my hotel while I didn’t even ask anything, a taxi driver showed me nice touristic attractions for free, a guy helped me choose between 2 shirts in a store, and the list just keeps going!

I was just blown away. At first, it surprised me. Here in France and Switzerland (I live at the border), peoples aren’t that easy going and not necesserily nice with tourists. We’re kind of cold.

I had some prejudices before coming to the US honestly. But your folks proved me wrong 👏🏻”

7. The view from Morocco.

“Economy, income, life opportunities, good jobs, speaking excellent English is actually a good quirk and isn’t worthless and makes you think you are a disappointment and doesn’t deserve the cruel gift of living in this regret for all eternity.

Anyways healthcare may be expensive, but it actually saves something rather than amputating your legs because of a cut with no infections.

There’s also downsides, but that’s not the main topic.

Coming from Morocco, by the way.”

8. Something we take for granted.

“Personal Freedom.

I live in India. Even though I have a job I live with my parents. Still I have to get permission from my parents for everything. Sooner I will pass through the system of ‘arranged ‘marriage’. I will have to live with my husband’s family then. I not only have to adjust with my husband but also with his entire family.

I am expected to do all the house chores there too. I strongly wish to be independent.”

9. All kinds of options.

“Huge variety of places to visit, each with their own unique scenery and culture.

People are so friendly and welcoming, especially when they hear an Australian accent. Cheap booze and food options. Amazing national parks. I was meant to be road tripping early next year visiting national parks etc, not anymore. Very sad.”

10. Think about that one.

“Women can go out in public alone in most places during the day and even many places at night.”

11. Got it all!

“The country has a little bit of everything: beaches, forests, cool cities.

I’m a gun owner and you have a way bigger selection of guns you can own (not a pro to some people but it is for me.) Privatized car insurance, low taxes, lower prices on clothes, alcohol, tobacco, gas. Birthplace of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop music.

Tons of scientific discoveries and inventions from the US.”

12. Anything is possible…

“Innovation. Americans think of really cool stuff and make it happen, from Disneyland to iPhones.

And diversity, the difference in both culture and landscape from one state to another, or even from one neighborhood to another in cities like Los Angeles and New York.

USA is real melting pot of people from ultra conservative to way out there liberal hippies and everything in between. From Las Vegas to the Bible Belt, there’s really so much to see and explore as a tourist.

Apart from a few outliers here and there, we just don’t have that level of diversity in my country. People lean a little left or a little right, some are more conservative than others, some are country and some are city, but overall we’re not so different, whereas in the USA, I mean people are different different.

Therefore I find it a really interesting country and one where truly “anything is possible”.”

13. We’re lucky.

“Freedom of speech.

The fact that you can say “Fuck you Trump” or “Fuck you Obama” and not face any consequences is so underrated.

In most of the countries, you’ll be sent to prison or worse killed.”

14. Many opportunities.


There are huge opportunities for an amazing life if you are willing to work hard, people are thoughtful (though somehow you have the president you have) and you are trying in your own often clumsy way to keep improving on minority rights.

You might feel like this is debatable and that you aren’t where you should be, but there are dozens of countries that couldn’t really give two shits about minorities or gay rights or even women’s rights.”

15. Time to smoke!

“Legal weed even if it is only some states.

It would make a huge difference here in Ireland.”

16. A good list.

“These, not necessarily in order.

Clean air.

Large houses.

Big cars, big roads.

Freedom to live how you see fit.

The best in every field tend to live in the US.


Policing the world, and preventing a takeover of a lot of countries by crazy ideologies.

Technological excellence in a lot of areas.

Promotion of scientific research and excellence.

Healthcare research (not the prices, though)

Cultural diversity.

Large buildings and open spaces.

Friendly people.

Secular ideals.

The reach of justice.

Less corruption.”

What do you think?

What are some positive things about the United States?

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