14 Times Emilia Clarke Proved She’s Way Cooler Than Even Her Coolest Character

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

There are some celebs that can be a bit disappointing offscreen (and more who work hard to cultivate a mysterious persona), and then there are those whose personalities are so big and bright they can’t help but shine pretty much always.

Emilia Clarke is definitely the latter. You probably already love her; whether you’re into having your heart torn apart by Me Before You or have been cheering on the Mother of Dragons since Season 1 of Game of Thrones, the lady is hard to miss.

It turns out she’s hilarious and candid and charming on the press circuit, too, and below are 15 perfect examples of why it’s easy to adore the actress at least as much as the character.

#14. It’s probably best she didn’t say anything.


#13. The word “dreamboat” is definitely underused.


#12. You’ve gotta love a good pun.


#11. It takes a special sort to have a good sense of humor about these things.

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#10. Now I want to be her mother’s friend, too.

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#9. Same, girl.

Image Credit: BBC

#8. Flat-out amazing.


#7. Awkward in the best possible way.


#6. Sing it, sister. Do those knee bends and pray.


#5. Poor baby.

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#4. I would have died.


#3. I bet their family gatherings are super fun.


#2. I spit out my coffee.


#1. That’s the moment you know you’ve arrived.


I seriously kind of want to be her best friend now. There’s probably a long line, though.