14 Times Food Was Delivered on Something Other Than Plate… Because That’s Now a Thing.

For the most part, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds pretty true. You buy something cheap, it’s probably not going to last all that long, or maybe it won’t even be quite right from the moment it arrives.

That doesn’t seem to always be the case when it comes to expensive restaurants, though. You can pay a whole lot for a meal that’s a whole little, or one that – like these 14 – doesn’t even show up on a plate.

14. Why waste money on plates when people have perfectly good hands?

Someone said this in a meeting, I guarantee it.

13. No. Stop it.

Please tell me at least that it’s not real dirt?

via Gfycat

12. Don’t want to get sued.

Although I think that’s the least of their worries.

11. That’s a jewelry tree.

Hopefully not a used one. How do you wash these things en masse?

This is the most awful thing ever. Broccoli impaled on a metal… thing? from WeWantPlates

10. Why, though.

The single-use plastic is honestly flabbergastingly horrible.

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

9. There’s a plate with dipping sauce so…

Just use it so fried food flakes don’t get in my drink?

Ravioli on a clothesline, as you do from WeWantPlates

8. It doesn’t look new, either.

How do you really disinfect and reuse carboard?

7. On-brand, I guess.

Those have to be a pain to clean, though.

6. What is this, The Flintstones?

No straw, either. Hmm.

My wife’s cocktail was served in a hollow stone and had to be drunk through the hole, without a straw from WeWantPlates

5. It’s a cute idea, I guess.

Especially if you don’t want to see your lunch partner.

A Fuckin’ Bookshelf from WeWantPlates

4. As someone who eats their fries first, no.

Where are you supposed to put the ketchup or honey mustard?

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

3. The worst one.

It’s a bagel. Just give it me and I will love it.

I ordered a bagel.. from WeWantPlates

2. There is no way I would eat this bread.

This place is not vegan friendly, I’m guessing.

My bread served inside roadkill. from WeWantPlates

1. I have a lot of questions.

Is there…more?

Carrot served on a telephone from WeWantPlates

I’m gobsmacked, y’all.

Has this ever happened to you? If you have a story, I want to hear it in the comments!