15 Things Fancy Restaurants Are Calling ‘Plates’

I love a good fancy meal as much as the next person, though as someone from the Midwest, I’m also thrilled to pull apart bbq ribs with my fingers or pay $3 for a giant corndog fried in a tent.

I’m definitely someone who sees these 15 “plates” and thinks, “yikes. How much did that cost?”

15. That sandwich is stressing me out.

Also, how are you supposed to see the person across the table?

A Fuckin’ Bookshelf from WeWantPlates

14. Those are glasses and clothespins, my friend.

Now there are crumbs in my Coke.

Ravioli on a clothesline, as you do from WeWantPlates

13. There is no way to improve the bagel experience.

Apparently there are ways to make it stupid, though.

I ordered a bagel.. from WeWantPlates

12. Do you…lick it off like the salt in a tequila shot?

Does it come with wet naps? So many questions.

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

11. Is that…all you get?

It looks good though.

Carrot served on a telephone from WeWantPlates

10. Do you get to keep the racket?

You’ll have to give those strings a good cleaning first.

9. First of all, that is not poutine.

Second, is that granite? Poutine goes in a basket, my friend.

Was looking for food on ubereats and a local restaurant dares call this poutine. I immediately mentally banned this place. from WeWantPlates

8. I actually think this is kind of cute.

It’s technically a food holder (plate) and a food delivery system all in one.

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

7. His face is all of our faces.

What the hell is happening here. You cannot have sauce without a bowl.

Welcome to hell from WeWantPlates

6. Okay. That’ll do.

How are you supposed to get it off?

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5. At first I was like, well, mash them yourselves I guess.

But then I read that they were UNCOOKED what. Botulism for everyone!

Little bite size appetizer served on a box of uncooked potatoes from WeWantPlates

4. I kind of want to know what this cost.

But also I definitely don’t.

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

3. This isn’t the worst idea.

I think I would be mad it wasn’t coffee, though.

Tiramisu served in a coffee maker from WeWantPlates

2. In your head you know it’s not a used dirty skateboard but like…

It still kind of looks like one?

Image Credit: Let’s Eat Cake

1. Maybe if you’re Fred Flintstone.

Who on earth thought this would be appetizing?

Someone I know got her food on some kind of bone from WeWantPlates

Would you be happy if these were sat down in front of you?

Tell us why or why not in the comments!