14 Times People Called Out Karens for All the World to See

Karens are everywhere you look these days. These women are always right and they always insist that their time, energy and money is more valuable than everyone else’s.

Looking for a good laugh? Here are 14 times people truly embraced their inner Karen.

1. Karen Bingo

We have a winner! She’s the worst!

Typical Karen from FuckYouKaren

2. Churchy Karen

Just calm down lady. We don’t need to hear the church bells. The bird, though? Okay.

Karen sends an email to 18 different neighborhoods to complain about power tool usage on a Sunday morning. from FuckYouKaren

3. Makeup Karen

Karens are the reason we have multi-level marketing schemes today.

Coworker found an actual Karen in the wild driving her MLM car! from FuckYouKaren

4. Soup Karen

It’s fake, Karen. Christ on a fake cracker.

FuckYouJean from FuckYouKaren

5. Karen Thief

Just go to TJ Maxx already, Karen. It’s like $10. Bring it back, dummy!

Thing to steal from oddlyspecific

6. Karens Who Care

OK, for once Karen is being cool. And hilarious. Good job Karen!

Karens are Carin’ from FuckYouKaren

7. Surprised Karen

Seen out in the wild. Should go back into hiding, tbh.

The moment after Karen gets some knowledge slapped right into her racist privileged face. from FuckYouKaren

8. Karen Clash is Karenilarious!

Now that’s something we’d pay to see! Legendary indeed!

This fight will be legendary. from dankmemes

9. Textbook Karen

Seriously textbook Karen behavior… even when it’s a dude.

Non-mask wearing Karen shaming me for not wearing a mask from FuckYouKaren

10. Karen Got Served

But not in this restaurant. Not served there.

First post here, I saw this sign at a local BBQ joint and had to stop and snap a pic from FuckYouKaren

11. Karen Karma

You had it comin’, Karen! Don’t @ me!

You deserved it from FuckYouKaren

12. Karen Tries to be Hip

You bought it on yourself, Karen.

Don’t put the sign up then if you get so annoyed by people honking!! 🙄 from FuckYouKaren

13.  Karen’s Kids

Yep, looks about right. Nailed the haircut.

Karen’s dogs from FuckYouKaren

14. Karen Calls Customer Service

Just an absolutely classic tale of Karens being Karens.

Karen calling AT&T from FuckYouKaren

Could these Karens be any more Karen-y if they tried? I mean seriously, come on Karens. You can’t really out-Karen yourself anymore than this. There’s so much Karen in here, it hurts.

Let us know when you’ve encountered a Karen in the wild. Do that in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!