14 Funny Tweets That Describe Albus Dumbledore

Image Credit: Twitter

There are a gazillion people in the world who love Harry Potter (like, almost everyone), and we all have our favorite things about the series – characters, spells, houses, colors, installments – but it’s tough to find a fan out there who doesn’t give Dumbledore his props.

If you love Dumbledore as much as (or more than) the next potterhead, well, you’re going to eat up these 14 tweets.

14. It is kind of whack that he never checked on him.

13. Wizard insurance. Ha!

12. Dumbledore was definitely a little biased.

11. This is all you need to know about Hogwarts.

10. And then somehow she marries Ron.

9. He was saving that part for when you were older.

8. IDK why this makes me laugh so hard.

7. Yeah, what was that all about?

6. Excellent use of the random caps.

5. He’s got it allll under control.

4. I mean nothing is going to fix the past.

3. Rowling was really into transportation.

2. I think we all know Snape was not okay.

1. Seems legit. You’re hired!

I really need to make time to re-read the series, because as good as the movies are, they’re just not the same!

Is Dumbledore your favorite? Who is? We’re dying to hear about it in the comments!