People Are Sharing Stories About Their Worst Job Interview They’ve Ever Had

Image Credit: Pixabay

Interviews are kind of like dating – you do your best to weed through the potential landmines ahead of time, but there’s no way to really know who you’re meeting until you show up and shake hands.

Well, that and sometimes it takes a lot of hand-shaking before you find the one that fits.


And these 15 Twitter users? They’re definitely still swiping.

15. You just weren’t right for each other.

14. Reading this gives me secondhand anxiety.

13. Where do you even go from there?

12. Welp. Bummer.

11. The others are 100% over him screwing up the interviews.

10. Definitely dodged a bullet there.

9. What a dicknut.

8. Bless his heart, but no.

7. I mean that could happen to anyone.

6. It must have been meant to be.

5. I guess it’s good they told you up front?

4. Uh, let’s just say you’re hired instead.

3. So many to chose from!

2. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

1. This makes my skin crawl.

I am dying, and I am more thankful than ever that I have an amazing job and an amazing team and I do not want to be out there again.

What’s your worst interview story? Does it compete? Share it with us in the comments!