14 Tweets About People Who Only Wear Black Clothes

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For a lot of folks, wearing black is LIFE. Even if it’s 105 degrees outside and the sun is blazing, you’ll see these people wearing head-to-toe black clothing.

It’s a lifestyle. FACT.

If you’re a member of this exclusive family, these tweets will speak to your (black) soul.

1. I look forward to this day as well.

2. Thank you, Satan!

3. Are you a fan of The Cure or a stage manager?

4. Brings back some painful memories for this guy.

5. Maybe it’s time for a lifestyle change. Just sayin’…

6. Back in black for life.

7. I don’t think that’s what she meant.

8. Not a tough decision.

9. You’re in mourning.

10. Not the same pair, see?

11. Sometimes, you only need one.

12. Lady Gaga is a member of the tribe.

13. Hmmm, not really.

14. Probably won’t ask that question again.

Summer is winding down, so you know all these people are breathing a huge sigh of relief right about now.

Are you a black-clothes enthusiast? Share your thoughts (or a pic) in the comments!