14 Very British Problems That Might Crack You Up

The rest of the world enjoys poking fun at the Brits, because…I guess because their stereotypical stiff upper lip and lack of outward emotions are sort of funny.

But also it’s allowed because historically, they’ve been major arseholes who colonized millions of cultures around the world.

Here are 14 tweets from the account @SoVeryBritish that are just made for laughs.

14. Any of them can be a whole mood.

Just depends on the day.

13. They’d better be watching.

Otherwise, you’re just doing it for your own health!

12. No, I definitely don’t want you to come with me.

No response at all is preferred.

11. Ah, right where we all want to be.

They’re so cozy!

10. Realizing you don’t care…

Exclamation marks need to take a seat, y’all.

9. Things British people actually say.

They’re like even more timid Midwestern Americans.

8. If there’s one thing a Brit can’t stand, it’s a showoff.

They still sneer at George Washington.

7. It’s more like a compulsion.

Better safe than sorry and all of that.

6. If you just cursed and ran, you’re definitely British.

My American washing has never been outside.

5. Chin up, mate.

We’re all drowning, but at least we have our umbrellas.

4. How to start a thirty minute conversation.

That’s if you’re lucky. It could be longer.

3. That last one, though.

Felt it in my ex-colonist soul.

2. Anything you want.

I could pop to the store?

1. Just resting their eyes.

How dare.

I’m still giggling and the list is over!

If you’re British, please…tell us how many of these are accurate!