15 Adorable Cow Photos That Might Make You Want to Adopt One


I don’t know about you, but these photos of adorable, cuddly cows made me want to run out and adopt one ASAP.

Scroll through these lovely pics and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

1. OMG


2. Just look at it!


3. Friends

Cows will be your friend if you treat them nicely
byu/lnfinity inaww

4. Snuggles

Cow Snuggles
byu/lnfinity inaww

5. He’s a fan

So I was out walking my mini cow when Howie Mandel stopped for a picture…
byu/InterTim inaww

6. Awwwww

Cows are very affectionate
byu/lnfinity inaww

7. Happy guy

Little cow looks so happy
byu/petey10 inaww

8. Snoozin’


9. Lovable

Cows make great companions
byu/lnfinity inaww

10. Smile!

Funny cow giving a smile
byu/a1nasir inaww

11. Belly rubs

12. Gentle giants

13. A fan of whipped cream


14. A beauty


15. New BFF


I need one of those as a pet IMMEDIATELY!