15 Americans Who Said Things That Will Make You Question Our Whole Education System

I mean, if you live in America and walk among Americans on a daily basis (or just interact with them on Facebook), there’s a good chance you’re already questioning the American education system – just saying – but if there was any doubt in your mind that we’re failing a good portion of the public, these 15 posts will clear it up.

Because these 15 Americans said some things that will make you shake your head so hard it will start to rattle.

Just take a look and see if I’m not right.

15. I don’t know where to look.

And I certainly don’t know where to start.

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14. I feel like this relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Kind of like England and America back in the 1700s.

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13. Yay, Liberia!

The flag mix-ups are my favorite. Patriots, indeed.

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12. Where to even start with this one?

You know what, it might be better to just not say anything.

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11. Let’s assume this is a joke.

It will make all of us feel better.

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10. Geography is fun!

Bless his heart.

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9. I mean this is a super aggressive take.

And he got totally pwned.

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8. I feel like this was probably in the description.

I guess reading is too much for some folks. Cringe.

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7. Wait, what?

Maths are hard. So is math.

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6. Smacked with the hard truth.

But you do you, sir.

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5. How does this question even enter your mind?

Someone was up with a bad case of insomnia.

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4. Keep trying.

Or don’t; you should probably just stay home.

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3. Flat-Earthers strike again.

A scourge on their houses.

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2. Flabbergasted.

Completely. No words.

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1. Those are…not the same words.

Close, though.

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I just don’t have words, y’all. What is there left to say?

If you’ve got something eloquent on your mind, drop it in the comments!