15 Anti-Matt Tweets for Anyone Who’s Ever Had Bad Experiences with a Matt

©Wikimedia Commons

As someone named Matt, I apologize for all my fellow Matts who have wronged you and treated you like garbage in the past.

I’ve met plenty of douchebag Matts in my life, so I feel your pain…

There are a ton of anti-Matt tweets out there, so let’s see what people are saying about these…Matts…

1. No more of that.

2. This one will be different.

3. A whole laundry list.

4. Those are your choices.

5. How much will you get?

6. I can’t decide which one is the worst.

7. Count it as one.

8. Sup, bro!

9. This band is gonna be HUGE.

10. Nice work.

11. Which one are you, again?

12. How can you tell them apart?

13. You’re doing a great job.

14. At least 100 of them.

15. I can’t wait for this to happen.

I will try to get my fellow Matts to be better in 2020…

But I can’t make any promises…