15 Cast Facts for the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Lovers in the House


Brooklyn Nine-Nine, like many of the shows dreamed up and executed by current and former Saturday Night Live cast members, can take a bit of getting used to. It has its own brand of humor, but once you settle into it, you’ll have a hard time arguing that it’s not one of the funniest shows out there.

If you’re already there (or if you’re not!), you’ll also have a hard time arguing that these 15 facts about the show’s cast aren’t pretty darn interesting!

15. If you’re not watching Hitchcock and Scully in the background, you’re missing out.

Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller bring their own props and use them to make up something do when they’re not part of the dialogue.

14. The cast had a say in their characters.

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The actors met with creators Dan Goor and Mike Schur before the pilot was written in order to incorporate aspects of their personalities into their characters.

13. Terry Crews used to be a courtroom sketch artist.

His first job was drawing sketches during the worst murder case in Flint, Michigan’s history.

12. The two Hispanic leading ladies worried there was only room for one of them.

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When they each found out the other had booked the show, they were sure one of them would be fired, since booking two Latina leads was virtually unheard of at the time.

11. Stephanie Beatriz really needed the job.

Before she booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she was teaching workout classes and had $50 in her bank account.

10. Jake and Amy have always had chemistry.

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As a couple, they screen tested “through the roof.”

9. Stephanie Beatriz has no improv or sketch comedy background or training.

She’s a Shakespearean actor by trade.

8. Jake and Amy’s first onscreen kiss wasn’t at all sweet.

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They tried to one-up each other’s “stank breath” by eating wings and roasted garlic

7. Melissa Fumero had a different career prior to acting.

She was a professional dancer into her late twenties, and worked as a ballet teacher for a while.

6. Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti went to elementary school together.

She had a crush on him!

5. Andy’s first job in television was as a PA on the set of Spin City.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine films on the same lot.

4. Rosa’s bisexuality is based on real life.

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The story of how she “knew” is all Stephanie Beatriz.

3. The character of Gina was created for Chelsea Peretti.

She originally auditioned for Rosa.

2. Some of Terry’s experiences are also grounded in real life.

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Like most black people in America, he’s experienced racial profiling in his personal life.

1. Samberg initially ad libbed the “cool cool cool cool cool” line.

It made the cast laugh so hard when he said it between takes that the writers incorporated it into the show.

Time for a re-watch!