These 10 People Show There Is No Small Act of Kindness Too Small

Photo Credit: Twitter @AniMiaOfficial

Acts of kindness come in many forms: from holding open a door, to saying good morning to a stranger, or leaving a huge tip for a waiter having a bad day. These folks have gone above and beyond in their quest to spread kindness, and let’s all just give them a hand.

It’s so nice to hear about people being nice, right?

10. This guy who changed a tire for a stranded woman.

9. This gal who left a $200 tip to support a waiter in time of need.

8. A stranger who paid for this lady’s breakfast to get her on her way.

7. Someone offered this man a new set of tennis shoes.

6. The substitute teacher who left a complimentary note to a principal.

5. This guy who used Venmo to send free coffee to a friend.

4. This cute note from a mom who made her daughter smile.

3. This guy who swapped airline seats with a first time flyer

2. The animal lover who helped pay for this dog’s surgery.

1. The apartment tenant who left little notes of inspiration and kindness all around the building.

Hope these made your day because they sure improved mine!

And if you ever met someone who did something kind for you that you’d like to share, put it in the comments!