15 Creepy Internet Posts People Can’t Forget

I think we all know that there are more creepy places on the internet than we could ever find on our own – and plenty that we’d be sorry if we accidentally did.

These 15 people found themselves smacked in the face with things they honestly wish they could unsee or un-read, and now – thanks to Reddit – they’re passing them along to you.

This is your warning to turn back now if you’re squeamish. Take it seriously.

15. Definitely report it.

Typing “.” Into the Youtube search bar

At your own risk ofc because ive heard lots of reports of people finding actual f**ked up s**t by doing this if you do just report it.

14. A bit unsettling, for sure.

This has been years ago now, but there was a YouTube channel called AlanTutorial. The videos started out seemingly normal, maybe a slightly handicapped teen making videos in his house. Then they….take a turn. One day he gets locked out, can’t get back in.

Then he appears to be homeless and living in the woods. It’s…bizarre to say the least. The last video was 7 years ago and the channel has been stagnant ever since. Still gives me the chills thinking about the channel.

13. Hopefully it was staged.

Back when YouTube was a lot newer and I was a kid, I was clicking around and ended up on a video that had some sort of title like “they peed themselves”. It showed a bound woman being led through the woods, tied to a tree, and then left there alone crying for hours in a time lapse until she wet herself. I clicked on the channel and there were three videos like this with a different woman in each video.

As a kid, I didn’t really get why this was on YouTube, thought it was a weird thing to stage, and just clicked on to other things (Like a nigahiga, smosh, or Shane Dawson skit. Maybe ray william johnson)…

Hindsight and 10+ years later, I don’t think those were staged. I think that was some weird awful actual kidnapping and snuff film thing…

12. So many reasons.

When I was a kid, I loved Invader Zim. The Internet was just starting to become a major presence in the global economy and in my life. Naturally, I went online to look for cool pictures of Zim and Dib fighting. I got lots of drawings of them, but they weren’t doing what I thought they should…

It’s less creepy to see these things now, but at the time, what I got from the image results freaked me out. Another reason why middle schoolers shouldn’t be on the Internet.

11. Caves are a big nope.

That old website a guy used to document his exploration of a cave he found, with some creepy entries. Then the entries just stop with no explanation.

10. Those are bad enough.

bongcheon-dong ghost. something about the fact that the original would scroll on its own at certain points terrified me when i first heard of it. that, and the story of junko furuta. fu**s me up to this day.

i’m 100% positive there’s worse but i’m a well-known coward so this is all i have

9. That’s a relief.

As a teen I dabbled lurking on sus dark websites and through various site links I accidentally came across a site trafficking children, with pics. Got spooked and immediately cleared out the PC.

Thought about it later and after a bit of searching found it had gotten busted by the FBI and the people running the site had been arrested. Still creeps me out but I’m glad they were caught.

8. No one likes to think about that.

It was just posted the other day here on Reddit… I don’t remember what the sub was, but it was the audio from a plane crash that happened because the pilot let his kid take over the plane.

There was a visual showing the plane’s altitude and how it was moving. The way everything cuts off at the end is deeply unnerving.

7. Just another day online.

When I was ten or eleven–during the geocities era–I came across this website called Death Hippies that gave cooking instructions for “recycling your dead pets”. Then I went back to playing nickelodeon games.

6. Absolutely terrifying.

So, some background first; about ten years ago or so, there were sites where people listed various unsecured webcams and baby monitors and stuff and people could just go and look through them, basically spying on strangers. Super creepy.

I didn’t use the creepy spy-on-strangers sites, I was just aware of their existence and this video was on some other site and said it had come from one of those sites. It was an edited baby monitor video where there was a baby sharing the room with their older brother, who was, like, four or five. And the creepy dude had gotten into the talkback feature of the monitor, and was saying all this horrible s**t to the four-year-old, over a period of several weeks (it was a time-stamped compilation thing).

And he just spent weeks talking to this kid, saying awful stuff, like that his parents don’t love him and they’re replacing him with the baby. You could hear the kid crying, and saying it’s not true, but they guy kept persisting, and at one point you can hear the kid agree that yeah, his parents are always grumpy and never want to play with him. The guy says that the kid’s parents are going to leave him at a gas station somewhere, now that they have a new baby that they actually love. And that the only way to stop it from happening is to put the baby to sleep. “Mommy and Daddy will be so proud that you helped baby sleep. Give him a nice, soft pillow and hold it real close to his face until he’s still and quiet and sleeping deep, so he sleeps all the way through the night, and Mommy and Daddy can rest and be ready to play with you and love you again.” And then you see the kid in the creepy baby-monitor lighting, walking towards the crib with a pillow.

I found out eventually that the whole thing was fake, but before I knew that, it absolutely terrified me. It’s still creepy to think about.

5. We all learn that lesson the hard way.

I had a bush in the backyard of my newly bought house. There were several different bushes together under a window, and the stink would blow in when the windows were open. Which bush was it?

I googled “stinky bush” and got what I deserved.

4. An awful realization.

In the very early days of the internet (1995-ish), I was searching for stuff about a musician I liked at the time. There were a number of fan sites dedicated to the musician. These sites contained the standard stuff; discography, pictures, tour dates, a bio, etc. One site I came across had an extensive picture gallery dedicated to the musician. A lot of the photos were candid telephoto-lens, paparazzi-type photos of the musician shopping, walking his dog, and having a picnic with his family.

However, the problem was that this is not a musician that the paparazzi would give a s**t about.

It dawned on me that whomever was taking these photos was stalking the musician.

3. That tracks.

I’ve seen accounts on twitter that post videos of them playing with sleeping people’s feet.

2. Thank goodness for the last bit.

So I have a friend who used to surf Russian sites and social media. One day, when we were on the school bus, an internet friend of his sent him a message to send a guy I think 30 rubles and wait for 5 minutes. 5 minutes later he got a message.

Yes it was a video.

Yes It was child porn.

Yes I needed therapy for the next six months.

Yes, the guy was caught.

1. No doubt about it.

When I was 11/12 yrs old, I would be messaging strangers on kik. Every guy that was interested in talking to me/forming a relationship were guys close to their 20’s and much older.

They wanted n**es from me. I look back and that was creepy.

Y’all, I have no idea what’s wrong with human beings but it’s definitely something.

Have you ever accidentally found something online you wish would stay hidden? Tell us about it in the comments!