13 Dads Who Said They Didn’t Want a Cat but Came Around Real Fast

Image Credit: Reddit

Everyone knows that the one sure way to get a cat is to say that you definitely, for sure, do not want a cat. They hear that sh*t and descend upon your house with floofy tales, big eyes, and snuggles like it’s their job.

A fact that these 13 dads who claimed they didn’t like cats found out almost as fast as they fell in love with their new cats.

13. You’re not fooling anyone, bub.

You are just as susceptible to them as anybody.


12. AND the cat has a nickname.

As well as a retirement account.


11. No better use of Facebook if you ask me.

In fact, this is ALL Facebook should be used for.

10. He carries her to bed every night. OMG.

These two are the cutest!

My Dad (79) went from “I don’t want that dang cat” to carrying her to “her room” for bed each night.
byu/laurieatari inaww

9. I mean if it’s going to be there, you might as well keep the fur under control.

What can it hurt, right?

8. Never say never.

In fact, you can actually say “You cat to be kitten me!”

7. A new baby is a new baby.

The cutest ever.

6. Only the best for Gizmo.

He has special needs, so I made sure he’s well taken care of.

5. That cat looks so interested in the video. Ha!

Two peas in a pod!

My dad hated cats and was pissed when I brought her home, but now, 3 years later, he’s showing her cat videos while she sits in his lap. She also sleeps with him every night.
byu/powdog inaww

4. Extra.

I mean… that’s fantastic.

My dad, who hates cats, built bunkbeds for my boys.
byu/herinitialsspellher inaww

3. That’s what’s known as eating your words.

And those are some delicious words, apparently!


2. I mean he is a guest might as well be comfortable.


My dad says he hates my cat, but today I came home from work to find this…
byu/painted_nails inaww

1. Priceless.

You can’t put a price tag on happiness

Good luck out there, non-cat people! Because us cat people are taking over!

Alright, time to share your cat photos! Do that in the comments!

Right meow!