15 Disney Theories People Shared That Totally Messed With Our Head

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Disney is easily one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in the world, and Disney characters are universally loved by kids and adults all around the world. Just think about how many amazing stories and characters the company has given us over the years – it’s pretty staggering.

Naturally, whenever you create a rich fictional world, there will be people who spend way too much time coming up with elaborate theories about it. While some of these make sense, others are downright mind-blowing!

15. Mulan IS the Great Dragon. And arguably the best princess.

Photo Credit: Tumblr, stirringwind

14. Bet you didn’t notice this cameo in Enchanted

Photo Credit: Tumblr, disney-facts

13. …Or these (The voice of Belle – Paige O’Hara – and Pocahontas – Judy Kuhn)

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit: Disney

12. When Hercules made a very funny but totally obscure joke…

11. Donald Duck is an honorary member of the Marine Corps and the Navy. It makes so much sense!

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10. Ariel and Hercules are cousins

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9. There has to be a Car Hitler. Because, internet logic.

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8. Monsters, Inc. (like The Smurfs before it) is teaching you Marxist propaganda

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7. I don’t think Ursula could be called nice, but, sure, she could have been worse

6. I’m kind of worried about the person who caught this

5. This guy already creeped me out

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4. Did you catch that Thumper is Roger Rabbit’s uncle?

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3. Disney had its first openly gay character before the live action Beauty and the Beast and no one noticed

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2. Okay, so I’ve seen Moana a bunch of times and never noticed the shark head in the tattoo

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1. I’ve seen this before, but I always love it

Deep stuff, right?