15 Dogs Who Really, Really Dread the Trip to the Vet


No one likes going to the doctor. At least, I don’t think there are people who like it. Are there? No. Or if so, they would definitely end up on one of those weird addiction shows on TLC or whatever.

Not that I watch those things. Nope. Never.

Dogs know what it’s like to go to the doctor, too, and they don’t like it any better than we do. My dogs know exactly where we’re going when we make one particular turn, and they do not feel bad about voicing their displeasure. Loudly.

These 15 dogs feel the same way, only maybe more so. And it’s adorable and sad and hilarious all wrapped up in one.

15. You cannot fool this dog. He knows exactly where he’s going.

14. You thought taking apart my crate would vex me, think again!

Photo Credit: Reddit, YoBooMaFoo

13. Awww, baby

Photo Credit: Reddit, crisfeda

12. You definitely do not fit

Photo Credit: Reddit, Searingm1

11. No other breed can pull off this level of contempt

10. Hold me…

Photo Credit: Reddit, Federer45

9. Do not give away my position, human

Photo Credit: Reddit, VoxDolorum

8. My hearrrrttttttt

Photo Credit: Reddit, Kindle282

7. Puppers is not amused

Photo Credit: Reddit, QuesoDog

6. He definitely knows something is up

5. Sometimes you just need your person to hold your hand

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Take her home right now!

3. You can’t see me, right?

Photo Credit: Reddit, Misaniovent

2. We’re gonna need a bigger mom

1. He thinks he’s hidden. Bless his heart.

Photo Credit: Reddit, amiker7709

h/t: Dogheirs

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