17 Comics Everyone Can Relate To

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There are so many talented artists out there, and if you’re looking to check them out, Instagram is kind of the place to be. There you’ll find something for every taste and inclination, for every age and genre of personality. Which kind of makes an account like relatabledoodles all the more special, right?

Because in a world full of niches and corners and genres, this one appeals to people across the board. Go ahead; scroll through the list and tell me you don’t agree!

17. I always wonder if they know the definition of ‘beginner’

16. I mean, I’d be watching Netflix, but same

15. When you pray you have more organized friends

14. “I’m just resting my eyes”

13. Real talk

12. This is an accurate depiction of my husband and me

11. There is not a whole lot worse than wet socks

10. When people giving you directions start to sound like the parents on Charlie Brown

9. Men are like peacocks

8. *nervous laughter*

7. We never learn

6. Every time

5. Why earplugs were invented, I’m pretty sure

4. Oh, yeah, swamp monster city

3. I mean, men though

2. 2017 problems…

1. I get secondhand social anxiety just looking at this

h/t: Instagram

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