15 Double Standards People Really Can’t Stand

Double standards are all over the place, and though we’ve spent decades pointing out the ones that aren’t fair to women, these days we’re realizing there are just as many that apply to men, too.

Most of them are whatever, but we’ve all got those that just really get under our skin – and these 15 people are here to vent about theirs.

15. Just be yourself…except.

Struggled with social interactions growing up. Half of my life was people telling me not to take things so personally.

The other half was being told to conduct myself a certain way so I don’t upset people.

14. Laws of ethics.

Or, and this is WAY too much to ask: violate the laws of ethics.

Some business comes to them with $500k, and they should show them the door.

Some business wants them to speak at their company for $40k? No. If I show up, it’ll be for free and open to the public.

The bar is just SO low for politicians.

13. Rules are for other people.

“Rules for thee but not for me” as it applies to every facet of US politics, from insider trading, to nepotism, to tax dodging, and beyond – I am SO DONE with the ruling class.

12. Untouchable athletes.

Star student athletes are nearly untouchable. If they make the school look good the school will almost never take action against them.

As evidenced by the fact that at my college, several of the football “stars” would literally just park wherever they wanted and never get towed/ticketed. I’m not talking about things like parking in the faculty lot, or where you don’t have a pass.

I’m talking things like parking on the sidewalk in front of the student union, after driving over a curb and 20ft of grass to get there.

11. This…makes no sense.

I’m a teacher and called my wife smoking hot at a football game. My principal reprimanded me for it. I told the principal my wife calls me her smoking hot hubby to her class sometimes.

She said it’s different because it’s perceived different when a girl says it.

10. Money and power.

Basic laws not applying to people with money or power. I thought the US was based on an idea that nobody was above the law.

9. Respect is respect.

Apparently, politicians are allowed to disrespect the citizens of the country they serve but it’s frowned upon to tell a politician to “go fuck yourself” to their face.

Respect is respect. No matter if it wears a suit or what language it uses

8. Put your money where your mouth is.

When company’s say they are family friendly but don’t want you to work from home or help with child care.

7. Abuse from females.

My sister was allowed to abuse me from the time I was in kindergarten until I moved out of the house. She could basically say or do anything she wanted but if I called her even a ‘b*%ch’, I was in serious trouble.

I finally cut contact with her and told my parents exactly what led up to this, the double standard of allowing the sibling who was 6 years older to abuse the youngest kid who was also bullied at school.

They always got angry at the bullies but never my sister. She would always talk so big but the moment you even threatened putting a hand on her, she would scream and ball up and it would be all our fault.

God I hate her and I hope the next time I see her is at her funeral.

6. Salary discussions.

How it’s perfectly okay for a potential employer to ask your salary expectations even before an interview, but a candidate asking what the job pays is somehow a red flag for HR and a big no-no.

Like, if all the employer cares about is what I will cost them (before learning anything else about me), then I should be able to fucking ask too. But no, I’m branded as only caring about money. And you don’t you corporate prick?

5. Dads can do it.

Parenting double standards. The gender of the parent does not make the parent. Dads are not “babysitting” their children, they are parenting.

I’ve had to fight this in the kindergarten my child goes to. Because all information, news, calls go only to my wife’s phone.

Even though for past years I’ve been the one who has brought and picked up the kid every day. (wife is working long days, but I’m remotely)

4. Corporations getting a free pass.

Consumers are expected to curb the use of their plastic waste and carbon by corporations and regulatory bodies alike while Nestlé will destroy a natural habitat to make bottled water in plastic bottles and dump the waste into your grandma’s urn if its affordable.

I actually got hired by Nespresso once and didn’t make it past the training because of how off-putting it was to hear everyone pretend that Nestle was going around saving the environment.

They had videos of George Clooney in the rainforest and old guys in labs playing with dirt, talking about how every cup of Nespresso is helping climate change and all this garbage and I could never bring myself to tell someone that.

At one point I actually confronted the Nespresso rep telling us all of this much to her horror and she went into total panic mode talking about how Nestle sends one of their workers once every quarter to make sure there are no more child workers and even threw in an aside that “Nestle and Nespresso are basically two different companies so…”

3. They should apply to everyone.

Covid restrictions applying to regular people but not celebrities or politicians

I remember a post here on Reddit that blew up about a small restaurant owner who wasn’t allowed to serve customers in an outdoor seating area. Right next door an even larger dining area was set up outside to feed people that were part of a movie set.

2. Diving beneath the surface.

People that say ‘don’t worry about what other people think, be yourself’ but make judgments about people based on behavior they don’t understand. If you don’t understand something, ask about it. Learn about it. Talk about it to gain an understanding.

I wish more value was placed on learning/understanding people’s intentions vs what you see on the surface. And don’t say things unless you really mean them.

1. The rich get richer.

Earning potential is the basis of all credit.

You get a mortgage, you’re “in debt”. You open a business you’re “in debt”.

The thing is, the larger your debt, the lower the interest. Right now especially, if you have debt, every year it’s shrinking by 10% due to inflation.

If you’re rich, you borrow 20 million at 2% interest and make 7% YoY on that money, you make out like a bandit to the tune of $1 million profit per year…. But you’re also “20 million in debt”. You then roll that $1 million to leverage another $10 million in debt, and repeat ad nauseam.

Welcome to fractional reserve banking and the reason the rich keep getting richer.

Now I’m all worked up, so thanks for that, y’all.

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