15 Dramatic Tweets for Former Theatre Kids

©Wikimedia Commons

Were you a theatre kid when you were growing up? Do you have some fond memories of getting up on that stage and wowing your family and friends?

If you did love the spotlight when you were younger (or maybe even now), these tweets will probably look familiar.

1. Let’s see a show.

2. That was intense.

3. Does this look familiar?

4. One and two and three!

5. They can agree on that.

6. Absolutely no one…

7. Let’s clean the gutters!

8. Sometimes important…

9. Let’s see ’em!

10. Ready for my close up!

11. I need your guidance…

12. Get it all out.

13. It was 2014, my Senior year…

14. You have a point.

15. Very passionate about it.

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