15 English-Language Fails That Are So Bad They’re Hilarious

The English language is known for being difficult to master. Every single rule seems to have an exception, and there are borrowed words from what appears to be every language on the planet!

But don’t take it from us, even native English speakers have a tough time with the language they speak every day. This results in some hilarious fails—and we’ve compiled some for you!

15. Speaking Porch of Geese

That sounds like an adorable language, but that’s not Brazilians speak.

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14. Palindrome Isn’t a Palindrome

But this is an amusing explanation.

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13. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Okay, this was on purpose but it was too good to pass up!

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12. Are Country Wants Respect!

And there’s a dash added for emphasis!

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11. A Radiohead Fan’s Delight!

English is a language for weirdoughs!

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10. Someone Get The Doctor!

Grammar freaks are about to have a seizure!

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9. Synonym Rolls, Eh?

Well, they do look yummy.

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8. Quick! Get The Deal!

A groj sounds like a great place to shop.

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7. A New Cheese, Indeed

Parma jawn would be an interesting addition to some pasta.

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6. Birds Can Grow Leaves?

That’s news to them!

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5. Yeet Is Technically Faster

But let’s let this individual have their fun.

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4. An Entire Thread of Malaphors

It sounds like a sci-fi villain, but this Tumblr thread explains what they are.

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3. The Unspoken Rule

How do we even know?!

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2. We Hope The Surgery Went Well!

Though it sounds risky.

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1. Here’s a Good Summation

…And a great example of an alliteration.

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These are some fails, but at least they provide us with a good laugh. We’re choosing to give those involved some slack because the English language isn’t easy.

Have you seen any other English language fails? Please share them! Let’s learn and have fun dissecting them.