15 Europeans Share The ‘American Issue’ They Don’t Understand

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It’s funny to realize the differences between European and American cultures, but not everyone has the chance to travel and experience them firsthand. That’s when sites like Reddit can come in handy, because there are plenty of people there ready and waiting to weigh in on the best and worst realizations during travel.

These 15 people say they’re just “too European” to ever wrap their minds around these 15 totally American things.

15. Okay I didn’t realize this was a thing.

ISP’s actually having data caps on wired connections in 2019

14. Yes, I would like answers for this, too.

The lack of paid maternity leave. The thought of having to hand my children to strangers and go back to work weeks after giving birth. Nobody seems enraged about what that must do to babies and mothers

13. Preach, my friend across the pond.

School debts.

12. Don’t believe everything you see in the movies.

Anything that happens in high school really

Edit: geez I’m getting a lot of replies, I’d like to respond to them all and discuss some more, but I don’t really have that much time, sorry

11. Buying water shouldn’t be necessary, but have you heard of Flint, MI…

Drinking tap water… I’m used to drinking tap water all day, I never buy water since it’s the same as tap water

Edit: I was once on vacation in Africa, and that was my first encounter with how tap water is in some other countries. I could never imagine undrinkable tap water in Europe.

10. So you can take it home with you, obvs.

Why pay for the bigger soda cup if there are free refills for the small?

9. Asking the real questions, here.

Why does Ross, the largest friend, not simply eat the other friends?

8. It’s our Puritan roots, plain and simple.

drinking at age 21. i mean for real? I live in Austria and the legal drinking age here is 16

7. Again…Puritans.

The double moral when it comes to sex and sexuality

6. Because we are disgusting, and also no one wants to hear about science.

Asian here but, why wear shoes inside your homes?

5. …it’s not like this in Europe?

Your bathrooms.

What idiot thought it was ok to have very small doors with gaps on all sides in every stall? How are you supposed to quietly poop and stink and fart without everyone seeing you?

I can understand why you are so afraid of unisex bathrooms.

4. So that TurboTax can keep making money…

Why do you pay the taxes yourself? It’s way easier to have it done for you by your state/country since you have to pay anyway.

3. Having one price is definitely simpler and helps those of us who don’t math well.

Showing prices BEFORE TAX LIKE MY DUDES “It looks cheaper” BUT IT AIN’T Idgi mang idgi!!!!

2. It’s a travesty.

Lunch debt? Why is that a thing? Why are the children being held accountable and unable graduate? It’a goddamn lunch.

1. It’s time to take to the streets.

Not rioting or demonstrating. I mean I’m French so the bias is big here.

Edit: Damn, thanks for the gold.

As an American, I have to say…we don’t understand some of these either!

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