15 Examples of “Just Because You Can, That Doesn’t Mean You Should”

Image Credit: Pexels

This is something your mom used to say, right? I’m sorry to report that now that I’m a mom, these words have already come out of my mouth more than once.

Sure you can climb the woodpile barefoot in your skivvies, but should you? Really?

Don’t as that question of a 3yo and expect a good answer. Learn from my mistakes.

Here are 15 great examples of this scenario for adults, though – just see if you don’t agree!

15. Big disagree. You definitely should.

Eating the whole damn pint of ice cream.

14. Especially if there are drugs involved.

Do home chemistry.

TL;DR of a long and stupid story: second degree burns on my face.

13. I mean, not all people are bad, but…

That device allowing an Amazon carrier to unlock and open the front door of your house to deliver packages.

Either one of the self-professed “genius” tech bros in Silicon Valley didn’t think this through, or they’re incredibly naive about how easily something like that could be abused.

12. You may be right, but you’ll still be dead.

Blindly trusting traffic laws as a pedestrian.

Yes, if you get hit it’s the driver’s fault. But all it takes is for one driver not paying attention to potentially end your life.

11. They need a whole class to explain this in high school.

Bank loans and credits cards… just because you’re approved doesn’t mean you can afford it.

10. It just never turns out the way you hope.

Most “crafts” on the Internet

9. Why do men do things like this?

Personal anecdote: I was with friends, and we were just hanging around having pizza. I’m challenged to put a bunch of different sauces and toppings on a slice of cheese pizza, because I’ll eat any weird food when challenged. The gauntlet included: sriracha, horseradish, honey mustard, cottage cheese, and whipped cream.

I downed it, and was sick for the rest of the night. No vomiting, but it was not fun. Never combine sriracha, whipped cream, and horseradish.

Just because I usually have an iron stomach does not mean I should eat everything I’m challenged to eat.

8. This is my shocked face.

Posting on social media that you’re going on vacation.

A highschool friend of mine did that a couple of years ago. Multiple posts on Facebook announcing she and her husband were going to Bermuda for two weeks.

They came home to a burgled house.

7. I feel like everyone forgets this once they get into a position of power.

Abuse your position / power

6. I think you know the answer to that.

Me, contemplating buying an axe this weekend so I can do some axe throwing in my backyard.


Because I can.

5. A hard lesson because babies.

Have more kids than able to handle (feed, clothe, spend time with, etc.)

4. That’s always a just say no.

Drunk calling your ex.

3. It’s a cautionary tale, for sure.

The film “Cats” (2019)

2. I wish more people realized this.

Name your kid idiotic names.

1. You’d think this wouldn’t to be said by now.

Cloning dinosaurs.

I’m definitely thinking I’ll have about 100 of these under my belt before my kid turns 10.

What would you add to the list? Anything? Tell us in the comments!