“Write what you know.” That’s how the old saying goes, right?

Well, maybe men should consider that advice a little harder before they take a crack at writing female characters. Because a lot of them are waaaaaaaaaay off, and, frankly, they sound pretty dumb.

Ladies, on behalf of all males, I apologize for what you’re about to see.

1. Interesting!

2. WTF?

3. I hate that!

4. Here’s why…

5. Oh my god…

Macaroni and cheese vagina from menwritingwomen

6. Weird

7. Not Phillip K. Dick!

Thinking with his Phillip K Dick from menwritingwomen

8. Mmmmm

9. An awful bit

10. Wait, what?

11. Borrow them

12. Get a load of that passage

13. Dear Mr. King…

14. Creamy

Soft and creamy boobs from menwritingwomen

15. Perfect!

Cringeworthy, isn’t it?