People Are Saying Men Need to Be Banned From Writing Female Characters Forever


“Write what you know.” That’s how the old saying goes, right?

Well, maybe men should consider that advice a little harder before they take a crack at writing female characters. Because a lot of them are waaaaaaaaaay off, and, frankly, they sound pretty dumb.

Ladies, on behalf of all males, I apologize for what you’re about to see…. and you’re about to see some STUFF.

And when I say STUFF… I mean some hot garbage.

Alright kiddos… here we go!

1. Interesting!

I mean… that’s what I heard about women, so…

2. WTF?

What in the actual heck is going on?


3. I hate that!

Well, those darn tig bitties!

4. Here’s why…

Can’t polish a turd!

5. Oh my god…

What in the c**t is this all about? Slushier?! *shudder*

Macaroni and cheese vagina
byu/eeeeeeeeeeeum inmenwritingwomen

6. Weird move, bro

I mean… and this is a well known author

7. Not Phillip K. Dick!

I mean… is this THAT bad? He just means they’re perky. Come on folks…

Thinking with his Phillip K Dick
byu/MemeShaman inmenwritingwomen

8. Mmmmm

I actually kind of like this, though.

9. An awful bit

And not a fun think to think about, either way…

10. Wait, what?

Seriously… what is going on there?


11. Borrow them

Just bring them back before dark please.

12. Get a load of that passage

Well… that’s an eyeful!

13. Dear Mr. King…

They probably get scared too!

14. Creamy

This sounds like it was written by a guy who’s never seen boob up close.

Soft and creamy boobs
byu/getsloadsbykyle7 inmenwritingwomen

15. Perfect!

Not you too John Grisham? Ack!

Cringeworthy, isn’t it? More than cringeworthy, actually. Completely clueless, for the most part.

Which of these really made you embarrassed for guys?

Let us know in the comments!