15 Female Serial Killer Wikipedia Pages You Should Check out If You’re Obsessed with True Crime


Male serial killers and criminals get a lot of the attention out there, but, trust me, there are plenty of wicked and vile women out there as well who have a place on the list of the most notorious murderers in history.

Take a look at these women and explore their extremely creepy Wikipedia pages if you’re looking to be shocked.

These responses come from the Buzzfeed Community.

1. Leonarda Ciabciulli

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FOLLOW @strange_bt_true for more on serial killers & their behaviors 😨 So, she wrote a memoir of all her acts 💀😱 . . . . . . . . . . #leonardacianciulli #serialkillers #ghost #satanist #satanic #demon #truecrime #chilling #haunted #darkweb #creepy #horror #spirits #scaryfacts #instadaily #unsolvedmysteries #spooks #crime #unknownfact #insane #didyouknow #horrormovies #horrorfilm #ghosts #crimescene #thriller #serialkiller #montella

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“She killed three women around her local Italian village and turned them into soap and gave them to other people in the neighborhood.”

2. Elizabeth Báthory

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Season 1, episode 4: Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. Tune in to this week’s Vulgar History to learn more about the notorious 17th century Hungarian countess and alleged serial killer, known as Lady Dracula. Images: 1) Elizabeth herself, aged around 25, 2) the ruins of her former home and jail, Çachtice Castle, 3) the Báthory family crest, 4) György Thurzó, Palatine of Hungary 5-6) the Báthory family crest shirt available from the Vulgar History teespring store (teespring.com/stores/vulgarhistory) #elizabethbathory #elizabethbáthory #history #truecrime #serialkillers #podcast

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“She was a Hungarian noblewoman who has been described as the most vicious female serial killer in all recorded history. She tortured and murdered hundreds of young women in the 16th and 17th centuries. She believed that drinking the blood of young girls would preserve her youthfulness and her looks. Oh, and also to bathe in their blood.”

3. Myra Hindley

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Myra Hindley, the "most evil woman in Britain," helped her lover Ian Brady sexually assault and murder five children in the mid-1960s. In committing the so-called "Moors Murders," the couple lured children into their car under the pretense of offering them a ride home. From there, the couple would brutally murder the children and bury their bodies in the English countryside. Visit the link in our bio to read about 32 more of history's worst serial killers. #myrahindley #truecrime #britain #moorsmurders #1960s #sadistic

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“She recorded the torture of children with her husband. Thank god she ignored her lawyer’s advice, because she had the opportunity to plead down to being an accessory. She would only have served 8 years.”

4. Belle Gunness

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Belle Gunness was known as the “The Black Widow”, “Hell’s Bells”, and “Lady Bluebeard” and killed her first known victim at the age of 41. It is such that, due to the age of this case and other circumstances that we will discuss, there is no official psychological profile for Belle. Her body count was anywhere between 25-40. #sociopath #psychology #psycho #disturbed #mental #death #dead #info #fyi #knife #horror #torture #kill #picoftheday #mentalillness #gun #missing #crazy #serialkillers #truecrime #psychopath #crazy #girls #bellegunness #norway #tcc

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“I first read her Wiki over a decade ago and still think about it to this day.”

5. Dorothea Puente

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On November 11, 1988, the crimes of convicted serial killer Dorothea Puente were discovered. Puente, a.k.a. the "Death House Landlady," ran a boarding house for elderly and mentally disabled patients in Sacramento, #California. She murdered at least nine patients by drugging them, before cashing their Social Security checks.⁠ Click the link-in-bio for more on her killings. .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #DorotheaPuente #truecrime #Sacramento #OnThisDay

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“She was an elderly woman who took in boarders and then drugged and dismembered them.”

6. Tillie Klimek

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Ep 55 – "Tillie" Klimek was a Polish American serial killer, active in Chicago. According to accounts, she pretended to have precognitive dreams, accurately predicting the dates of death of her victims, when in reality she was merely scheduling their deaths. #tillieklimek #deadbodies #deadbodiespodcast #poison

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“She claimed to be a psychic and predicted deaths of neighborhood dogs with shocking accuracy (yikes). She poisoned and killed three husbands and three neighborhood children. She ‘psychically predicted’ each of their deaths.”

7. Nannie Doss

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Happy Sunday Coven. Here’s your crime of the week. Nannie Doss was a cold-blooded killer who murdered her own mother, her mother-in-law, four husbands, her sister, and her grandson over the course of the 1920s-1950s. Despite her apparent lack of empathy, she received the nickname of the "Giggling Granny" because she couldn't help but uncontrollably laugh when she discussed the murders that she committed. Doss, too, was an arsenic roadie. She died of natural causes while incarcerated. She was only convicted of killing her final husband #notyourbasicmurder #truecrimepodcasts #truecrimecommunity #truecrimestories #serialkillers #serialkillerfacts #murderlovincoven #basicbitchesunite #truecrimeallthetime #truecrimeaddict #truecrimeandchill #truecrimejunkie #nanniedoss #crimeoftheweek

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“Every time she talked about murdering her husbands she would giggle earning her the nickname ‘The Giggling Nanny’.”

8. Amelia Dyer

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In the 1860s Amelia Dyer trained to be a nurse – a difficult, yet respectable job in the 19th century. She also trained as a midwife & learned some useful skills, most notably, an easier way to earn money than nursing; she discovered that she could charge young women who had conceived illegitimate and unwanted children to lodge at her home, then help them give birth, keeping the unwanted babies herself in return for regular payments or a single, up-front fee from the babies mothers, then farming them off for adoption. In a society of morality where single parents and illegitimate children were frowned upon, the practice of baby-farming was not uncommon. In 1869, Amelia’s husband died and she gave birth to a daughter. She was in need of cash, and in the Bristol Times & Mirror newspaper she saw a notice: ‘Wanted, respectable woman to take young child.’ Under the false name of ‘Mrs Harding’, Amelia met the woman who had placed the notice – a barmaid who had fallen pregnant by a customer – and received a £10 fee to take the young child, named Doris. The following day, the 1st of April, ‘Mrs. Harding’ took in another child, Harry Simmons. In the same week, a bargeman saw a brown paper parcel lying in the Thames & fished it out. Whilst unwrapping it, a tiny human leg and foot appeared. The body was Helena Fry; an illegitimate child who had been given to Amelia almost a month earlier. The brown paper parcel that Helena had been wrapped in provided a vital clue for the police; it had the name and address of a Mrs Thomas on it. “Thomas”was one of Amelia’s aliases. After the discovery of Helena Fry, the river was searched and two other tiny bodies were found; Doris Marmon aged 4 months, and Harry Simmons, aged 13 months. Both bodies were wrapped in a carpet bag and both had white tapes round their necks. In all, the corpses of 7 babies, all of whom had been strangled, were recovered from the Thames and each one had the same white tape around their neck, this was Amelia’s modus operandi and she would later tell the police “That [the presence of white tape] was how you could tell it was one of mine” On 4th April 1896, Amelia Dyer was arrested and charged with

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“She was also known as ‘The Reading Baby Farmer’. There is no way of knowing how many innocent babies she strangled and dumped in a river.”

9. Karla Homolka

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Listen to the first episode to find out some of the most heinous crimes in Canadian history. The Ken and Barbie murderers, Paul Bernado and Karla Holomoka. #truecrime #canada #paulbernardo #karlahomolka #karlahomolkaandpaulbernardo

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“Karla participated in the rape and murder of several girls, including her little sister.”

10. Linda Hazzard

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Linda Hazzard, the Starvation Doctor. Fasted herself to death in 1938. #starvationdoctor #lindahazzard #serialkillers

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“She opened a sanitarium to lure in victims with the promise of curing their ailments and then starved them to death!”

11. Rosemary West

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If you wish to do your own research on this "couple" please feel free to do so. Unfortunately their twenty year tirade of terror (dubbed "The House of Horrors" Murders) is too lengthy for Instagram's unnecessarily bullshit character limit. And it's mighty graphic. 💏 #fredandrosemarywest #fredwest #houseofhorrors #rosemarywest #serialkillers #serialkillersunday #stillabetterlovestorythantwilight

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“Fred and Rosemary West were sexual sadists who killed a confirmed 12 women including one of their daughters and then threatened the other kids with the same fate.”

12. Beverley Allitt

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Beverley Gail Allitt – Was an English serial child killer. Allitt was convicted of four child murders, attempted murder to three other children, and caused bodily harm to another six children. The crimes were committed between February and April, 1991, in the children's ward at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire. Allitt worked as a nurse in that hospital. Allitt administered large doses of insulin to at least two victims and a large air bubble was found in another victim. Allitt received thirteen life sentences for the crimes in May 1993. Allitt is detained at the Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire for the diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #crimes #cases #casestudies #psychology #murder #victims #psychiatrist #trial #trialcases #forensic #forensicpsychology #susansmith #edgein #andreayates #killers #serialkillers #scareycrimes #guilty #accused #murderers #murdercases #insanity #depression #suicide #car #lake #drowning #beverlyallitt

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“She was an English nurse who murdered a number of toddlers for attention.”

13. Joanne Dennehy

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Joanne Dennehy murdered 3 men in Peterborough 2013 ✌ #serialkiller #murder #serialkillers #joannedennehy

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Other female serial killers tend to target the vulnerable type (children, the elderly or the sick) or people they know well. This wasn’t the case for Dennehy as she purposely set out to kill men, apparently for a laugh.”

14. Blanche Taylor Moore

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Blanche Taylor Moore (nicknamed "The Black Widow") is an American convicted murderer from Alamance County, North Carolina. She is currently on death row awaiting execution for the 1986 arsenic poisoning of her boyfriend. Blanche is North Carolina's oldest woman on death row. She is also suspected in the death of a mother-in-law & her first husband, and the attempted murder of her second husband in 1989. Blanche would give people food that contained arsenic-based ant killer. Author Jim Schutze wrote a book about the murders called 'Preacher's Girl'. In 1993, Elizabeth Montgomery starred as Moore in the television film based on the book (which is really good) 'Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story'. #BlancheTaylorMoore #TheBlackWidow #DeathRow #SerialKillers #Murderer #TrueCrime #TrueCrimeCommunity #TrueCrimeStories #Tuesday #FemaleKiller #PreachersGirl #TrueCrimeDocumentary #TrueCrimeFilms #TrueCrimeBooks

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“She poisoned her husbands by slipping arsenic into her famed peanut butter milkshakes. She got the dosage wrong on her last attempted murder, and he wound up not dead but in the hospital, where they found he had arsenic in his bloodstream. She’s awaiting execution on death row in North Carolina.”

15. Judith Neelley

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#judithneelley #wicked #serialkillers

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“She and her husband Alvin kidnapped, raped, tortured then killed two women. They injected Drano and Liquid Plumber into them.”