15 Funny Instagram Memes About Driving a Car

Photo Credit: Pexels

I love driving, but sometimes it really stresses me out and makes me want to hit someone else’s windshield with a baseball bat.

Is that bad? Do I need to talk to someone about that?

Check out the memes from Instagram below and see if you relate to any of these people.

1. Get out the way!

Photo Credit: Instagram,snoop

2. Daredevils

3. WTF?!

4. Why don’t you know things?!

5. Oh shit

6. You mad?

7. COME ON!!!!

8. Oh snap!

9. Garbage can! Put the gun down!

Photo Credit: Instagram,funnyscoop

10. Next level


Photo Credit: Instagram,carthrottle

12. This is what I do with all my cars

13. I’m sure it was green. Yeah? Yeah.

14. U mad?

Photo Credit: Instagram,gotuhelp

15. I’ll live forever!

Photo Credit: Instagram,hoodclips

(h/t: Smosh)

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