These Sweatpant Overalls Will Come in Handy for Thanksgiving

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Stop everything you’re doing this instant!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Are you paying attention? I hope so, because the universe just shifted dramatically, and you better take advantage of it. The Great Fantastic, a New York-based startup, is now making “Swoveralls” – a combination of overalls and sweatpants.

These one-piece gems are perfect for lazing around, and they are ideal for use during a certain holiday that is right around the corner…

Just imagine how much turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and beer you’re going to be able to consume while wearing some Swoveralls at the dinner table this year. Who cares what your Aunt Tilly thinks? Treat yourself once in a while.

Ladies, Swoveralls are for you too! They’re super soft, they have adjustable straps, the sides have snaps (just in case), and they also feature jogger pants cuffs.

Swoveralls cost $85, but I think they will be worth every penny. I’m planning on getting myself a pair or two.

h/t: Pizza Bottle