15 Funny Posts We Can’t Get Enough Of

There are plenty of posts in the world that make you chuckle, but you just as quickly move on and forget what you found so funny a moment ago.

The special posts are the ones that, no matter how many times we run across them, we can’t help but laugh and share, over and over again.

And we think these 15 tweets will never not be funny.

15. That bitmoji scene is amazing.

She really put some thought into her celebration.

14. Did we ever find out who was doing that?

There must have been one kid in every school.

13. In theory, at least.

It’s all covered by hair, jeez.


12. Now there’s a sales pitch.

BK should probably hop on that.


11. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter.

That’s a great thing about dogs.


10. No, they would not.

Neither would like 75% of people, I think.

9. Because they always think you look great.



8. Beauty indeed.



7. A countdown, maybe.

Of course, they don’t care if our phone dies.

6. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

It’s never a bad time to ask after some chicken nachos.

5. Are we doing this or not?

Because I can go home…

4. When you find your soulmate.

Other than Blake Shelton, obvs.

3. Have some respect!

Kids will just slice you in half and then ask for a snack.

2. You didn’t even realize you opened it again.

Those are not the best nights.


1. It’s like they’ve never had kids or something.

That happens like, once a week over here.

Yep, still funny.

In fact, I think I might have to read through them again!