15 Funny Tweets About the My Chemical Romance Reunion

©Facebook,My Chemical Romance

You love My Chemical Romance. It’s okay, you’re not alone, friend. This is a safe space for MCR fans.

And now that they’re reuniting, you can shout out from the rooftops about how excited you are to see them back together again!

You never left your emo phase behind AND YOU KNOW IT…

1. Kids today…are scary!

2. Here, here!

3. Take it easy…


4. Parents won’t be pleased.


6. The holy trinity.


7. Hahahahaha. All fired up.

8. Not telling the truth…


9. Immediate eye shadow.

10. OH MY GOD.

11. I’m baaaaaaack.

12. Here we go again.

13. A lot of tears.


14. A direct correlation.

15. Welp, maybe not done yet…

Two things:

  1. What other bands do you want to see play some reunion shows?
  2. If you have some old photos of you decked out in emo clothing and makeup, PLEASE SHARE THEM IN THE COMMENTS!

I’m so exciteeeedddd.